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Dix Perez

DIX PEREZ is a Manila-based commercial photographer. His real name is Richard, but he is known to the fashion and beauty industry for his nickname Dix, and for his signature black and white style in taking snaps. With his steady hands and eye for beauty, he has gained admiration from countless celebrities and personalities he photographed for countless ads, magazines and events. When he’s not at work, Dix can be found in San Juan, La Union, sitting at a beach and eating his favorite Olas Bandito’s burrito, or in front of his laptop, watching Riverdale on Netflix.


Skin: Brown

Hair: Brown

Can’t live without: Bottle of water

Favorite Calyxta find: Great videos and pictures of interesting people being beautiful inside and out

Find him at:

Facebook: @penthousestudioph

Instagram: @dix_perez

Calyxta work appears in:

Amanda Fernandez cover story – April 2017

Bubbles Paraiso cover story – February 2017

Vanessa Matsunaga cover story – January 2017

Jess Connelly cover story – December 2016

Shaira Luna cover story – October 2016

Isabel Roces cover story – July 2016

Stephanie Kienle cover story – May 2016

Kiana Valenciano cover story – April 2016

Jessica and Sky Yang cover story – February 2016

Sanya Smith cover story – August 2015

Teresa and Vicky Herrera – June 2015


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