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The Ultimate Cult-Fave Round-Up

What exactly makes a product cult-favorite? Well, a lot of things. But mostly, these are beauty products that begin with a niche market and then rose to fame not because of heavy marketing gimmickry but instead, through honest-to-goodness, word-of-mouth raves from beauty mavens both locally and internationally. In other words, these are products that work so well, they gain a loyal following mainly based on their effectivity.

Here we have compiled a list of cult-faves we have at Calyxta, and what our favorite bloggers and vloggers have to say about them:

“The price is amazing. If you use a ton of powder for baking or are on a budget, I would definitely recommend this product.” -Kate Winford

What it is: A non-pigmented powder that will set your makeup with a flawless finish. Because of its translucent formula, this complements almost any skin tone!

This powder is a certified Calyxta Crew Favorite—everyone in our HQ has a bottle in her makeup stash!

“This baby is perfect for the cold, dry weather but a staple in my bag year round.”         -Christian Craven

What it is: A multi-tasking healing salve that can be used on the lips, face, and body for moisture and hydration.

As part of our Customers’ Top Choice in Skin Care, it’s safe to say that this product has reached cult-status even on Calyxta.

“I’ve been obsessed with Glossier’s Balm DotCom this summer.  I use it on my lips, cuticles, and any super dry spot that creeps up.” -Aimee Blaut

What it is: A do-everything skin salve that is packed with antioxidants to nourish dry skin.

“Yes, it is absolutely worth the hype! You will never want to go back to any other eyebrow-defining method after using Dipbrow. The overall look is fantastic, and it is way too easy to apply to consider using anything else.” -Brianna Frilay

What it is: A long-lasting pomade that glides on easily and creates full and defined brows

“Oh I am so so in love with my Beauty Blender, nothing else could faze me. My Beauty Blender is my all-time Cannot-Live-Without! This is recommended for anyone who wants really flawless makeup application done in half the time and half the frustration.”            -Samantha Joy

What it is: The ultimate makeup application sponge.

“I highly recommend this loose face powder especially to girls with oily to combination skin types. I can say that it is now one of my cult favorite makeup products. The price is just right for the amount of powder that you will be getting.” -Rosalie Tiu-Apostol

What it is: A loose power with Microspun formula that hides imperfections and sets foundation. You can check out Agoo Bengzon’s review on Calyxta here!

“My favorite makeup palette of all time!!!” – Kathleen Lights

What it is: A chocolate-scented eyeshadow palette with 16 richly pigmented and antioxidant packed matte and shimmer shades.

“It’s this really awesome versatile product. It casts this flattering glow and leaves a really natural finish, which is what I want my makeup to look like.” -Tiffany D

What it is: A highlighting palette with three shades of finishing powder that diffuses and softens the manner in which light reflects the skin.

How cult-favorite is this product? Just ask both our Crew and our customers—it made it to the list of Calyxta Crew Favorites AND Customers’ Top Choice in Makeup in this year’s Beauty Awards.

“Application is a breeze as you can easily line and fill your lips with the doe foot applicator, which provided a consistent flow of colour. Most of the shades lasted me at least 5 hours with minimal eating and drinking. All in all, the ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip series gives you more bang for your buck!”                 -Fiona Seah

What it is: An affordable line of long-wearing and kiss-proof liquid lipsticks.

“In my opinion, Luminoso is one of those universally-flattering colors that’s in the same vein as NARS Orgasm. It would work with a variety of different skin tones, and I just ADORE the luminous sheen it gives to the skin.” -Gianna

What it is: A powder blush that creates a lovely, luminous effect on your skin.

“This mascara is formulated for Asian skin and eye lashes. It holds the curl extremely well under extreme humidity and heat so it gives a really natural look.”                            -Sabs Hernandez

What is it: A volumizing mascara with a curl lock formula.

Another strong contender, this product also won in two categories of our Beauty AwardsTop Mascaras and Calyxta Crew Favorites!

Text by: Yasha Barretto

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