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College Girls Answer: What’s Your Go-To Beauty Product Under P500?

It’s common knowledge among my peers that college life can be hectic and sometimes, expensive. Budgeting expenses while trying our best to balance schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and personal life can be a challenge – trust me, I know! Amidst it all, taking care of ourselves, and making sure we look and feel good is still a must. Sometimes, sleep is not enough and having a go-to product that makes you look more like a kolehiyala than a caffeine-dependent zombie is a total lifesaver.

We asked college girls all around what their go-to beauty products are—that are both affordable and gets the job done!

Why do you love it?

I love it because it makes my eyebrows look fuller and keeps my brows in place all day. It became my essential when I started college, because I enjoy fixing myself up before going to school—but I often have limited time to get ready.

When my makeup artist used this product on me, I loved how it made my eyebrows look—so I purchased it for myself and it was surely a good buy!


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What do you love about the product?

Its water-based formula is what I love the most about the product. Since the Philippines is a tropical country, I tend to sweat a lot especially during summer, and I hate that feeling. This moisturizer, as it hydrates my skin, also gives a refreshing feeling before I apply my makeup.

How did it become your essential?

My skin type is oily and back then, when I still didn’t know about this product, I had a hard time dealing with cream-based moisturizers; I felt like it made my skin oilier! That’s why when I found out that an aloe vera moisturizer existed in the market, I didn’t hesitate to try it. Luxe Organix’s Aloe Vera Gel saved me from having a super oily face, that’s why it became my essential and I’m still loving it until now.

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What are your thoughts on this product?

Ever since Vice Ganda released his powder foundation, the first thing I had in mind was that I had to try it. And I did! I was surprised because it had SPF – which is what I also love about the product.  It is very lightweight and very comfortable to wear. The shade selection was great as well.

Do you recommend this to your fellow college girls?

Yes, I will definitely recommend this to my fellow college ladies. The product is a must in our makeup kits as it will give us way more than what a high-end one can give. Plus it’s budget/student-friendly.

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Why do you love this product?

I love it because it’s consistent with its promise of volumizing the eyelashes. It’s a beauty essential for me because it gives life to my eyes.

Do you recommend this to your fellow college girls?

Of course, it’s highly recommendable! The price is affordable especially for students who have other fees and expenses at hand. The curl-lock formula is superb and would save college girls from the hassle of checking their eyelashes and retouching every now and then.

It’s available on the site! Get your Maybelline Volume Express Hypercurl now at Calyxta!

What’s your favorite thing about the product?

It has a great color pay off. It’s really pigmented and compliments my skin tone!

Why do you love this product?

Its shade is wearable, can go well with any outfit and, even though it is a matte lipstick, it doesn’t make my lips look dry.

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How did it become your essential?

It has been compatible with my skin type, as my skin is sensitive and easily gets pimples. But whenever I use Ever Bilena, I don’t get breakouts. It’s also an excellent fit for my morena skin! And it can survive Philippine weather. It became my essential, since as a college student, I stay up late all the time to get my schoolwork finished—which means lack of sleep for me. With the EB Powder Foundation, it covers up my haggard, no-sleep face, and evens out my dark eye bags. It makes my face look fresh every day!


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Why do you love this product?

I love it so much because their product lasts the whole day and it doesn’t smudge. This product was introduced to me by my sister—she gave it as a gift then after that, I ended up buying their products.

Do you recommend this product to fellow college girls?

Yes! Because it is worth buying and it is very affordable!

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Got inspired? Find your new go-to beauty product on Calyxta and be fabulous while slaying those deadlines!

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Nathalie Cuisia

Nathalie is your curly-haired ambivert Internet best friend! She discovered her love for makeup and skincare during her time as a chaotic journalism student. When she’s not thinking of her next beauty product purchase, she likes watching movies, cuddling with her dog, and looking for gluten-free ensaymada.

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