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Marj Maroket

Marj Maroket is a Manila-based up-and-coming makeup artist. Her love affair with makeup began when she joined the cheerleading group at the De La Salle University. Required to put on a fully made-up face, Marj bought herself a starter makeup kit and learned to apply makeup from watching YouTube tutorial videos. Her passion didn’t die down when her cheerleader days ended, however. Instead, she continued enjoying enhancing people’s features and making their faces light up with confidence. So she pursued a career in the beauty industry—while working as a Trade Marketing Executive at Calyxta, Marj completed formal lessons from the Center of Aesthetic Studies. This makeup artist has more dreams – a fashion editorial for Vogue, perhaps with Rihanna and Taylor Hill as her muses. 


Skin: Combination

Hair: Black, Long

Can’t live without: FOOD

Favorite Calyxta Find: Beautyblender!!!

Find her at:

Instagram: @marjmaroket

Calyxta works appear in:

Baby Barangay cover story – May 2017

Calyxta Cuts: Go Bare or Go Bold with Makeup

Calyxta Cuts: Soap Brows

Calyxta Cuts: Get the Pageant Look

Calyxta Cuts: Get the #Lit Look

Text by: Sherry Tenorio

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