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What it is:

A hybrid between aromatherapy and acupressure oils that help promote deep sleep! Suitable for all ages and can be used on sensitive skin.

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What it does:

Bebesleep combines the concepts of gentle aromatherapy and acupressure massages to lull you to sleep without the need for medicine or melatonin! This oil can be simply breathed in or massaged onto acupressure points to promote a deeper, more restful sleep.

How to use:

For babies (1-2 sprays recommended):
Spray once on the front and back of their t-shirt’s chest area.

For children (1-3 sprays recommended):

1. Belly rub. Spray onto palms and massage onto belly. Rub gently in slow, clockwise, and downward motions.

2. Feet or legs. Spray onto the palms and massage onto the soles of the feet or vertically down the side of the leg.

For adults (5-8 sprays recommended):

1. Belly rub. Spray on palms. Rub belly in slow, gentle but firm clockwise downward motion.

2. Spray on the back of the ear (perfume point), then use two fingers of each hand to apply firm but gently pressure. Massage in circular motion.

3. Temples. Apply Bebebsleep on the fingertips. Massage temples in firm but gentle circular motion.

4. Relaxing. Massage on nape, neck, wrist perfume points.

5. Breathe in. Spray on palms, rub together, then cup hands over nose and mouth and inhale deeply and slowly.


Neroli, Valerian Root, and a proprietary blend of relaxing essential oils. Infused in Grapeseed and Soy oils.


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