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What it is:

A convenient acupressure oil that helps deliver temporary relief to stuffy noses and scratchy throats.


What it does:

This soothing acupressure oil contains Cedarwood and Ravintsara that helps alleviate discomfort caused by stuffy noses and scratchy throats in a kid-friendly, pregnant-friendly, and breastfeeding-friendly formula!

How to use:

To unblock stuffy noses:
Dab Bebebreathe around the triangle of the nose and on the skin around the nostrils. Then, rub the sides of the nose briskly for 10 seconds or until the product feels warm. Lastly, with a folded finger, press the accupoint between the nostrils firmly while inhaling deeply. Repeat a few times.

For sensitive, flaky nostrils caused by the sniffles:
Dab a thin layer of Bebebreath onto the skin around the nostrils and reapply as needed.

To dispel cough for a sound sleep:
Rub Bebebreathe onto the back and chest and massage gently until the product warms up on the skin, releasing soothing vapors.

For soothing a baby’s cough and colds:
Massage Bebebreathe on the soles of the feet or onto the chest and/or back. You may also rub a generous amount onto your palms to warm up the product, then cup over baby’s nose and mouth. Allow baby to inhale the soothing vapors.

For quick relief for scratchy throats:
Rub Bebebreathe on throat and neck area briskly until it feels warm. Press onto the bone just bellow the hollow of the neck (between your collarbones) a few times. Repeat when you have an urge to cough


Cedarwood, Ravintsara, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

What it is formulated without:

Paraben-free. No eucalyptus or peppermint.

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