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Rosenthal Tee, Lexi Gancayco, Erika Hocson, and Say Tioco: Beauty Represent

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—especially for Calyxta! This month, as we celebrate four years of being everyone’s beauty source and resource, we made it a conscious effort to feature four trailblazers representing different industries on the cover of our Anniversary Issue.

Meet Rosenthal Tee (representing fashion), Lexi Gancayco (representing fitness), Erika Hocson (representing modern motherhood), and Say Tioco (representing beauty)—four incredibly unique women who have each made their marks in their fields of expertise, proving that success is measured not by the number of their followers, but the number of people they’ve empowered and continue to make an impact on.

Each week of December, we’ll be sharing their stories, focusing on how they evolved in their respective industries. Meanwhile, as we sat down and talked to each one during our editorial shoot at New Monarq Studio, casually discussing our favorite beauty products on Calyxta, we asked them to reveal their everyday makeup and skin care routines, and here’s what they had to say.

Lexi: I actually recently just got into skin care because I’m always sweating, and that’s so much dirt on your skin. From zero skin care in college, now I try to research more about it. In the morning, I wash my face, then I’ll start with toner, and then essence, and then after essence, a light moisturizer (not too much), which is like my base. It’s a tinted SPF, but very light! And then I just kind of seal it with powder, and then I usually do my eyebrows, and then cheek tint, and then if I’m feeling extra, I’ll go with mascara and eyeliner. There, that’s my normal. At night, at the end of the day, I’ll use St. Ives Oil Scrub, wash my face again, then the same—toner, essence, and a lot of moisturizer. That’s my routine.

Erika: After the gym, that’s when I start doing my routine. I wash with facial wash and then after that, I put the Neutrogena Water Gel. It’s the really lightweight one. I’ll use that, and then I’ll put my makeup. Normally, on a day-to-day basis, I don’t use foundation but I’ll put a BB cream. Maybelline has this matte but lightweight foundation that’s not heavy or anything, so I use that. I automatically just focus on cheek tint, so I use Glossier Cloud Paint, and then my go-to before was eyeliner. If you ask any of my friends, it was like the cat-eye liquid eyeliner. But because I did lash lift (lash lift is the best!), normally I don’t have to anymore, so I’d just have to put clear mascara. And then I’d put lipstick, normally nude shades for day-to-day. For evening, if I’d go out after, I’d always have bronzer, so I’ll add on to the tint because by night time it’s already a bit faded, and then I’d put a little eyeshadow, like browns, and eyebrow tint. And then I add on the lipstick. So, for me, it’s more lips and eyes. For my skin care routine, I always remove everything. I use micellar water. After I’ve taken out my makeup, I use a facial wash. After that, I put Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Serum. That’s it. I kind of want to go to bed with not so much stuff on my face and those are all pretty light.

Rosenthal: Since I have really, really dry skin, I have to use richer creams. In terms of makeup, if I have no important meetings and I just want that fresh look, I would do my eyebrows, put a little bit of concealer, and apply one of the Sunnies lipsticks, whichever is there. I don’t even look at the colors anymore. If I do have to be a little more prepared, I would do the full face, which is eyebrows, concealer, and then if I’m lazy, I’ll just do a winged eyeliner. If I’m not so lazy, I’ll do a colored eyeshadow. I usually play with oranges, pinks and golds, just so that it’s a little smokey but day-appropriate as well.

Say: Okay, skin care. I need an oil-based makeup remover because before I got lash extensions and permanent brows, I used to put a lot of eyeliner and false lashes. So at the end of the day, I see to it that before I sleep, I remove everything. Micellar water can’t remove everything. Kailangan talaga oil-based so even waterproof makeup can be totally removed. And after that, I need to rinse. I use Innisfree’s Volcanic Ash facial wash. And then at night, I use face masks because of the serum infused. In the morning, before I apply makeup naman, you know Avene’s Spring Water Spray? I call that my magic water. I hoard that. After you spray it and let it sit, your skin is so nice once it absorbs it. So that’s my basic. And then for pimples, when I get breakouts, I use Celeteque, the spot corrector, or PureDerm pimple patch. Makeup naman, ever since I got lash extensions and my eyebrows done, what I just do now is apply foundation. And then, Pixi’s contour and blush palette, and then since my brows healed already and need a little tint, I use Benefit’s Precisely My Brows. Lips, I normally just use a sheer lip tint. That’s it!

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Cover Story: Gretchen Gatan
Editorial Assistant: Maan Fernandez
Art Direction: Margaux Cortez and Ming Bagaforo
Video: Richard Webb
Photo: Kitkat Pajaro
Makeup: Anton Patdu and Sylvina Lopez
Hair: Mong Amado
Styling: Adrianne Concepcion

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