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Hannah Pangilinan and Janina Vela: Slaying Sustainability

One of the biggest trends that cultivated in the Gen Z culture is all about sustainability. Both young and established brands have recently been popping up left-and-right with campaigns that advocate for sustainable and eco-friendly products—and it’s paving a way for the youth of today to be more conscious of what they consume and support.

In this week’s cover story, our October 2018 #CalyxtaGirls, Hannah and Janina, talk about some of the simple ways they’ve started to support this modern movement and how they keep themselves healthy and in tiptop shape!

Touching on what you guys said about sustainability, we’ll be talking about that since in today’s generation, there’s a rise in awareness when it comes to supporting more sustainable brands. How would you guys say you’ve taken part in this movement? 

Hannah: Does a metal straw count? It’s actually really difficult to keep up with everything that people are advocating for, but then of course, I always want to support those people who do work from the ground up—not just sustainable items, but more like sustainable brands and local brands; brands that come from the Philippines, supporting locally-made stuff, locally-made careers. Like people who come from the Philippines, that’s what I’ve been advocating for recently. People who are self-made, like artisan brands. I think Instagram is a really good avenue to support brands like that. So, yeah, when they approach me, I really like that. What about you, Janina?

Janina: My family and I, we’ve all switched to metal straws. I think that’s one of the easiest things you could do—start with something as simple as that.

Hannah: Bring a bottle…

Janina: Yeah, exactly! Bring a bottle, that’s something I’ve been trying to do it often because I realized how much plastic is in a plastic bottle, especially when in a shoot like this, when people just hand you and throw you plastic bottles, and you’re like, “Woah! All of these poor turtles.

How do you keep yourself healthy? Do you guys go on diets or what exercises do you enjoy doing?

Janina: Um, let’s just not talk about diets. (laughs) Yeah, I just don’t go on those diets. But whenever I’m with Hannah or I’m in their house, I’m like, “Yup, okay, I’m going to be eating healthy today.” But I think when it comes to working out, I think same with Hannah. I used to go on diets and I used to work out because I just wanted to be stick-thin like everybody else. But then, at the end of the day, no matter how you look, you can change your body and all that, but in your heart and your soul, if you’re not happy with yourself, none of these workouts or none of these diets will actually help you. You will not be fulfilled through these things. Like Hannah said, it’s all about staying healthy and feeling good about yourself. So for me, I do that through boxing. Very aggressive. (laughs) But yeah, I like to box every now and then. I wish I had more time to box, but it’s just a struggle because I have to wash my hair (laughs) But yeah, Hannah and I cheer each other on when it comes to fitness because we know that we both struggle.

Hannah: I used to be very athletic when I was at school because I had motivation, and I had a team to push me to be fit. But now, I’m going to be honest, I’m really struggling right now to be more active because I’m not at school. So, it’s more self-induced? (laughs) That’s why it’s more difficult. I guess, I’m just trying to recognize what exactly my motivation is to become thin—is it because I want to look good? And now I recognized that it’s just that I want to feel good, and I want to be confident in my own skin and me being confident is drawn from the fact that I’m healthy as a person. So, I’m still working on having a sustainable routine, on working out and stuff, which is very difficult especially in a transitional period because I just graduated. So, I do strive to be self-motivated with my fitness. But as of now, I’m still getting there.

Okay, let’s talk beauty. If you could choose to do each other’s makeup look, what kind of look would you do on each other?

Janina: (laughs)

Hannah: It’s funny, we just did!

Janina: We have an unreleased video…

Hannah: …of us doing each other’s makeup, which is really funny. But if I were to do Janina’s makeup, these are her essential parts of her face: first, which is very different from before, but now she has very natural brows, and she likes a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of blush. Like you have to put it all over her nose, like everywhere. And then, she doesn’t really put that much highlight, but she likes to put a lot of powder because she does have oily skin, so she needs that. And she also likes putting a lot of lip tint on her lips. Right? Did I get it right? And mascara! She doesn’t really go for falsies anymore.

Janina: For Hannah, you have to really take your freaking time on the skin—like 15 minutes for skin and 5 minutes for the rest of her makeup. (laughs) Strobing cream, a lot of moisturizer, minimal brows as well, a lot of eyeshadow. Hannah loves her rose-colored eyeshadow, a lot of highlight, setting spray, and then highlight, and then setting spray, and then highlight. (laughs) And then a lip plumper for her lips. Yeah.

Hannah: You hit it out of the ballpark there.

Janina: Thanks, girl. (laughs)

We put HANINA to the ultimate friendship test as we asked them random questions on who’s most likely to do this and that! Watch it here:

Cover Story By: Maan Fernandez
Video: Andrew Apuya
Makeup: Anton Patdu on Hannah and Theresa Padin on Janina
Hair: Mong Amado on Hannah and Rebecca Brizuela on Janina
Styling: Jill de Leon
Special Thanks to: Robinsons Selections McKinley

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