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Exfoliation 101: How to keep smooth, luscious lips

By: Amanda Padilla

If there’s one part of your body that should be soft and supple, it’s your lips. Aside from drinking at least eight glasses of water daily to hydrate your lips and keeping a lip balm with SPF handy, here are other simple ways to keep you smooch-ready at all times.

Tip #1: The Toothbrush

Slather your lips with petroleum jelly, making sure you have completely coated any dry skin flakes. Leave on for two minutes before using an old toothbrush, or even better, a baby toothbrush, and use light circular motions to exfoliate your lips. When you’re done, wipe excess petroleum jelly off with a tissue. Your lips will immediately look smoother and plumper. 

Tip #2: Honey and Coco Sugar

Regular sugar works just as well. Mix equal parts of sugar and honey until they have a smooth consistency. Using your fingers, rub the mixture gently on your lips for one minute. Wash it off and notice how supple your lips look. Honey is a natural moisturizer that has lots of anti-aging antioxidants, making it perfect for those with a lot of lines on their lips. If you have excess sugar and honey mixture, you can store it in a cool, dry place until the next time you need it.  

Tip #3: Baking Soda

Place a little bit of baking soda in your hand and add some water to it. Mix until it forms a sandy, coarse paste. Apply it on your lips and start exfoliating using a washcloth or a soft toothbrush. Gently rub the mixture on the surface of your lips until it feels smoother. Wash it off, and swipe on some lip balm to keep your lips moisturized.

Tip #4: Oil and Sugar

Coco sugar works just as well as regular sugar. Use equal parts of oil and sugar, and mix throughly. Rub the mixture on the lips using a soft circular touch until the dry, dead skin cells roll off the lips. 

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