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Cat Eye Made Easy

By: Angela Lim

Is having your vanity covered in dirty Q-tips, and sprawled eyeliner a common sight? Do you more often than not leave the house with red eyelids and uneven liner? Trust us, we know how that feels. We’ve been there, done that, and sure as hell ain’t going back. Ditch your amateur moves, and learn how to wing it like the experts with our incredibly easy tips, so keep reading.

Step 1: After prepping your eye area with foundation and eyeshadow primer, sweep a neutral or light matte eyeshadow over your lid. Champagne-colored hues work best for making sharp liner stand out.

Step 2: With an eyeshadow color that’s a shade or two darker than your lid color, pack this on your crease and feather out with a blending brush.

Step 3: With your gel or pen liner, draw a flick from the end of your upper lash line towards the tail of your brow.

Step 4:  On the middle of the lash line, just above your pupil, draw a line going upwards, meeting the flick. You should have a hallow-slanted triangle on each eye.

Step 5: Beginning near the tear ducts, start your entire lash line and fill in both wing tips. Clean up any mishaps with a Q-tip dipped in moisturizer or makeup remover.

Step 6: With your eyeliner, draw a thin line on 1/3 of your bottom lash line. Set everything with an eyeshadow color in either gunmetal grey, matte black, or deep brown. You’re all set!

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