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Jerika Ejercito: Manila’s Sweetheart

Videography: LUCAS DAVID
Fashion Styling: JOHN LOZANO


By: Sherry Tenorio

We know that she has a golden heart that beats for the people who have clinical depression, an experience she herself went through. We know that she is a doting mother who believes that her son fills holes in her heart she has not recognized before. We also understand her insights towards beauty, and how she takes care of her health and wellness more now than ever.

But, there are things that have not been told about this bubbly beauty. Here, we give you a lowdown on what makes Jerika quite conventional. Like the most of us, she craves for rest. She struggles with her mom. And, she likes Hollywood, specifically Tyson Beckford.

Kiddie time

Her bonding moment with her son, Isaiah, is quite stereotypical. It revolves around eating, reading, watching movies and playing. What makes it extra special are the cuddles and kisses that she shares with him, the one she admits to be the love of her life.

Pocket travels

Jerika loves travelling. She said, “To relax, I travel.” During our meeting, she just came back from a trip to Spain. And at that moment, she was contemplating a two-week getaway to Cebu, and a long holiday trip back to Spain. She quipped, “I try to give myself a good break.”

Daddy’s girl

A self-confessed daddy’s girl, Jerika admitted that sometimes she feels that her father, Manila’s Mayor Joseph Estrada, would still treat her like a child. “I think he forgets I’m already thirty one. But, I understand that because we’re super close,” she explained. Yet she revealed that when it came to her mother, they would have disagreements, like every daughter would have experienced. “It’s like one minute, we love each other, then the following minute, I’ll be wanting her to leave me alone,” she shared with shrieks of laughter.


Most beautiful

Naturally gorgeous, Jerika appears to be the type of being assured about how she looks. Yet, the petite morena confessed that she feels most beautiful when she would get praises from her loved ones, especially from her boyfriend. She smiled and said, “Miguel is very vocal. So, when he tells me, I feel it’s the best compliment. I’m cheesy like that.”

Fun facts

Here are some fun facts that reveal more about Manila’s sweetheart:

Black or White? Black

French fries or Salad? French fries

Go out or Sleep? Sleep

Hair up or Hair down? Hair down

Books or TV? Books

Shoes or Bags? Bags

Flats or Stilettos? Flats

Cristiano Ronaldo or Tyson Beckford? Tyson Beckford!


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