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Debunking the Myths About Glutathione

Every beauty girl knows what glutathione is—but do you really know truth versus myth when your knowledge is tested? Back when glutathione broke into the scene, everyone interested in skin lightening and radiance wanted to get his or her hands on it. And the beauty (pun intended) was that it seemed like there was no such thing as too much! We break down three myths about glutathione and straighten the facts.

Myth #1: Any glutathione product will give you skin lightening effects.

You can find it in soap form, as a health drink, and in capsules. Beauty clinics also offer it intravenously. Will you get maximum effect if you use the soap, drink the juice, and take the capsule? Unfortunately, glutathione is reported to best be absorbed by the body when taken intravenously and straight into your bloodstream. If you are wondering how some celebrities keep their radiant milky complexions despite having to shoot under the sun often or with extreme conditions, this treatment helps.

Myth #2: I need to put glutathione into my body.

Guess what, you already have glutathione in your body. It is a substance produced by the liver. It is not a chemical or an active ingredient. However, medical articles report that some of us can have less naturally occurring glutathione in our body than others. If you are not eating healthy (read: fresh fruits, vegetables, and freshly prepared meats), and are under high levels of stress, your glutathione levels might be lower than those who are. Yes, you might want to put a hold on your fast food order for lunch.

Myth #3: Glutathione is for whitening.

Nope, it was a side effect of its primary intended use, which was to address damaged liver enzymes. Glutathione is also used to maintain immune systems and for some, to prevent poisonous side effects of chemotherapy.

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Ronna Bonifacio


Ronna Capili Bonifacio is a writer, editor, and columnist covering beauty and lifestyle for over a decade. She now also tries to humorously write about motherhood as a mom of two. Apart from skin care and cosmetics, Ronna's true weakness are books and coffee. You can follow her on Instagram @ronnabonifacio and her blog:

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