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3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your beautyblender®

Prior to the advent of the beautyblender®, we had to make do with makeup sponge applicators (most of which came with foundation compacts) that could barely blend and had a very short shelf life. Those sponges of old usually were flat or rectangular or circular in shape that made it hard to navigate the tricky contours of your face, especially around the nose and eye areas.

But over a decade ago, our favorite egg-shaped makeup sponge was hatched, and revolutionized the way makeup is applied and blended. The beautyblender® found its way to the kikay kits of celebrities, makeup artists, and every beauty junkie who coveted that flawless foundation finish every single day.

However, not even your beautyblender® can last forever. At some point, you will have to chuck it out and replace it. While some of us may be inclined to scrimp and want to hang on to our beautyblender® as long as possible, we are doing our skin a disservice by doing so. Here are the telltale signs that signal it’s time for a new beautyblender®:

1. It’s way past the three-month rule.

In the context of break-ups, “the three-month rule” refers to the time one needs to wait before going back on the dating scene. In the context of the makeup world though, this signifies the average shelf-life of your beautyblender®. Of course, this depends on the number of times you use your sponge. If you’re the type who does her makeup every single day of every single week, then you may have to order a new beautyblender® before your current one is three months old. If you barely use it on the other hand, you may stretch its lifespan to a little over three months.   

2. Your beautyblender® is looking extremely ragged.

It may be a durable sponge, but after much blending and spreading, there will come a point in a beautyblender® lifespan when it will flake, peel, rip, or lose shape. Also, if you start seeing its natural color fade, that’s your cue to replace it. Using a deformed sponge totally defeats its purpose, as its egg shape is one of the qualities that makes it so effective as a blending tool. It will be gradual, but once you notice it deteriorate, you must replace it.

3. Your face starts breaking out.

Anything that starts causing your breakouts must be your cue, for not even the most expertly blended foundation can mask bad skin. If you’ve been rigorous with your skincare routine or can’t attribute the sudden emergence of pimples to hormonal bodily changes, then perhaps the culprit is the bacteria buildup in your sponges and brushes. If it’s heavily used, the amount of gunk in your beautyblender® cannot be addressed by simply washing it. Once the acne starts appearing, it’s time to chuck it and get yourself a new beautyblender®.

Text by: Yasha Barretto


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