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Heyday: A Day in the Life of Hye Won Jang

By: Racela Abundo

Tell us about a normal day for you.

“I was part of the recently-concluded Manila Fashion Fest, and for that I would have to be up by 5 for a 7AM call time, then I would have rehearsals until lunch, after which it was off to hair and makeup. A show would start at around 6, and I could have up to 6 looks for that. Sometimes, there would be another show right after, so back-to-back. When there isn’t a big, multi-day event like that one, I normally do a shoot like this one, a show, or castings and fittings.”

What is the most important morning product for you?

“I just make sure to leave the house with SPF, like the Radiant CC Sun Base by Banila.”


What does your daytime makeup look like when you do it yourself?

“I just apply a bit of concealer, mascara, blush, and fill in my brows.”


And at night?

“I love berry lips and purple toned lipsticks for evening events!”_IX_3859

What’s the most important nighttime product for you after a long day out?

“Awhile back, I got to know Banila Co. first through their Clean It Zero line, and they’re still products I love using. It’s super important to get off all the residual makeup and dirt accumulated throughout the day!”

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