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Brow Baes: Different Eyebrow Shapes for Different Faces

Kilay is life is one of every beauty enthusiast’s top motto. The right eyebrow shape can take years off your face. The length and distance between brows can make or break a look. Bear in mind though, kilay shapes are not one size suits all. There’s more to getting it right than you think. Just like haircuts, the perfect brow look depends on the dimensions of your face. Most people tend to just follow the natural shape of their brows and go from there—and that’s totally fine! But if you want to maximize your look, it’s better to know which brow look fits your face shape. Lucky for you, we are here to help. Check out our guide to the best brows for your face (and some products to get you to your best brows ever).

A round face lacks angles, and it would benefit if you make your brows very angular. A perfectly arched brow adds definition to your features and brings out your facial bone structure.

Tip: for more fabulous results, let’s avoid the witchy look and arch towards the tail end of your brows—not the middle!

Long faces have features that are stretched out vertically. Elongating the brows will draw things horizontally and balance out your features. Extend your brow until a bit past the outer corner of your eye. BUT be wary of extending it too long as it might make your eyes look droopy.

Doing brows for a heart-shaped face can get a bit tricky, as this shape brings the focus on the upper portion of your face, mainly to your eyes and forehead. Opt for a straight brow that is not too heavy so as not to bring too much attention to just the top part of your face.

Oval faces are the lucky ones in terms of brow tricks, because any brow shape would technically work with this face shape. If you want an easy one, do a soft arch or just build on your current brow shape.

Square face shapes are very angular to begin with, so the last thing we want is to add more angles on it. Go for a rounded brow shape to soften up your features. Beware of over plucking though in attempting to make the brows too round. You wouldn’t want two thin rainbow shapes on your face.

Text by: Yasha Barretto

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