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Nude Nails: Our Favorite Nude Combos

You’ve seen them on your favorite influencers and celebrities, and now you can rock them, too! These days, a good look doesn’t just start and end with your clothes. Modern day fab fits go from the strands of your hair all the way down to your fingertips—literally! Your nails make for gorgeous accessories, so why not make the most out of them and sport the classiest nude combos for a neutral effect to match every single one of your Calyxta-approved outfits!

1. Big Bang

Now that’s what I call “out of this world“! Take your favorite nude shade and blend down a glitter coat to form a funky galaxy gradient.

2. Girls with Accents

You can never go wrong with a fun accent nail to contrast the monotony of four uniform colors. It’s an instant splash of creativity! 

3. Excuse my French

Classic and timeless, the French nail will never cease to exemplify simple elegance with its clean mix of a nude base and a fresh pop of white at the end.

4. Glitter Bomb

Going for a sophisticated look but craving for a little excitement? We’ve got you covered. Keep things interesting with a glitter vs. neutral base design to match a quick outfit change from worker chic to party central.

5. Peek A Blue

A little pop of color never hurt anyone—match a neutral base with a dollop of pastel to create dimension in your nail art.

6. Drip Drop

Ready to get crafty? Achieve the visually alluring drip effect on your nails by taking a glitter coat and curving it to run down the tips of your nails. 

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Frances Beltran


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