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10 College Girls and Their Favorite Lipstick Shades

If there’s one makeup product that can liven up just about any face, it’s a good tube of lipstick. College girls know how hard it is to remain fresh after early morning classes and late lectures, so they always turn to their favorite lippies to help them look rosy and awake. There’s just something about looking great that helps us feel more put-together. And can you blame us? Lipstick does wonders for a tired face—just ask these girls right here!

1. Anicia Guanlao, Ateneo de Manila University

Favorite shade: Red

“It’s a classic! It never goes out of style. Plus, I like it because it gives a nice pop of color to a plain look.”

2. Chelsea Angeles, Ateneo de Manila University

Favorite shade: Pink beige or nude

Chelsea loves learning how to enhance her already beautiful features with her make-up. A classy nude lip is her go-to, because it still brings out her natural looks while grounding all the undertones of her skin with a neutral lip.

3. Chiara Siochi, Ateneo de Manila University


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Favorite shade: Nude brown

“I love it because it just elevates your whole look and is the best base to use when you mix it with other colors!” 

4. Una Garcia, Ateneo de Manila University

Favorite shade: Warm, brown-nude

“I mainly love how buildable it is. I usually apply a light coat with lip balm if I’m going for something more natural, but if I want a more polished finish, I can easily make it opaquer.”

5. Daryl Reinne Del Castillo, Miriam College

Favorite shade: Brown orange

“This shade of lipstick matches the tone of my skin. It’s not too bold yet it blends into lips giving it a natural finish. I always go for a natural, subtle make-up look. It suits me the best!”

6. Aleynah Prieto, De La Salle University

Favorite shade: Warm mauve

“I like it because I always go for no-makeup makeup looks and it’s the perfect shade for me. It’s like effortless beauty!”

7. Nicole Miller, University of the Philippines

Favorite shade: Red

“I have always shied away from the color red because I didn’t want to be seen. I wanted to look as small as possible and be  lost in the crowd. But somehow this color ended up becoming empowering. As I grew up, the color red became a symbol of my growth, my voice, my strength, my acceptance of myself, of me. Red says: “Here I am, large and in charge.”

8. Sofia Nicdao, De Lasalle University

Favorite shade: Rose

Sofia is a self-taught make-up enthusiast, so she’s always rocking bold eye looks. A rose neutral lip look works perfectly to accentuate her eyeshadow, while keeping her whole face looking extra polished!

9. Gail Bulanadi, University of Asia and the Pacific

Favorite shade: Pink

“I like the idea of just enhancing your natural beauty so for me, overpowering shades are not the way to go. I personally just like being natural. It also shows youthfulness and being demure.”

10. Frances Beltran, Ateneo de Manila University

Favorite shade: Warm nude with taupe

And of course, I had to give myself a special shout out, especially since my favorite lipstick shade comes straight from one of Calyxta’s most popular brands—Pink Sugar! I’m more of a nude lip kind of girl, so I love that Pink Sugar gives my lips enough color while not overpowering the natural hues of my skin tone.

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