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Hair Heroes: 5 Hair Care Products You Need in This Heat

The heat in the Metro is something we have to live with every day. We’ve taken precautions like slathering sunscreen all over our bodies and hydrating with water every half hour. But have you made sure that your hair is protected against the heat as well? Just like your skin, your hair is sensitive and needs protection from the heat and sun. Here are some products that will keep your hair heat-ready:

Leave-In Conditioner

You may not realize it, but lying out by the pool or chilling at the beach can seriously dry out your hair. Using a leave-in conditioner is a great way to add the much-needed moisture that your hair craves in the heat.

We suggest: My Amazing Leave In Secret Multi-Purpose Spray Conditioner, P700-P1,850

Dry Oil

Have you ever noticed that your hair looks duller and more brittle during especially hot days? You can add some shine and dimension to your hair by using dry oil. They’re lightweight oils that add shine while imparting hair-loving ingredients like Argan Oil and Keratin onto your locks.

We Suggest: It’s a 10 Dry Oil Spray Plus Keratin, P1,800

Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Shampoo can often leave hair feeling dry, and we don’t want that in this heat. Look for sulfate-free shampoos that promise to remove dirt and oil from the scalp without damaging your precious locks. You’ll be left with moist, clean hair.

We Suggest: Oil of Argan Argan Oil + Green Tea Shampoo, P280

Hydrating Conditioner

You can lock in moisture while you’re still in the shower by using a hydrating conditioner. It’s an essential part of our hair care routine whether or not it’s hot outside. On top of moisturizing the hair, conditioners are perfect for detangling knots and rejuvenating damaged hair.

We Suggest: Zenutrients Aloe Vera Moisturizing Conditioner, P260

Day Cream

Your hair and scalp need defense against environmental stressors like the heat and humidity, and a great way to protect them is by using a day cream. They’ll prevent your hair from getting dry, brittle, and dull, and they’ll keep your hair shiny and healthy all day.

We Suggest: Phyto 9 Ultra-Dry Hair Nourishing Day Cream with 9 Plants, P1,650

Text by: Cha Ocampo

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