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Real Bride: Maiki Abello-Banzon

What’s the inspiration behind your wedding look? Did you have any hair and makeup pegs?

I wanted a very natural look for my wedding. I just wanted a glowing and enhanced version of myself. So all neutrals, and just light makeup.

Who designed your wedding gown, and how did you come up with the style? How long did it take to create or find the perfect wedding dress?

My designer was Rosalyn Lagdameo. She’s amazing when it comes to the fit of the dress. My gown fit like a glove! For the design, I knew what I wanted. I wanted it to be all lace, a slight sweat-heart neckline, and tiny buttons at the back from top to bottom. The design and creation process was surprisingly really quick! My measurements were taken about three months before, then I went for two fittings (once with the lining only, and the next with the unfinished gown). Then the next time I saw the gown was on my wedding day. And it was exactly how I imagined it to look and fit!

How did you choose your hair and makeup artist?

My wedding was in Bacolod so I wanted to get most, if not all, my suppliers from there already. I tried a few new makeup artists months before my wedding, but none of them seemed to get the natural look I wanted. So I opted to get someone I was comfortable with, someone who I had worked with for other events in Bacolod and Iloilo. I felt like he already knew what I liked and didn’t like.

“I just wanted a glowing and enhanced version of myself.”

What lip color did you choose for the wedding day?

Like the rest of my makeup, I chose neutral light pink. I don’t think I’m the type who can pull-off red or dark-colored lipsticks.

What was in your wedding day makeup kit/pouch?

During the wedding itself, I think I was even too busy to really mind my pouch. Haha! But I had lipstick and lipgloss, and some press powder since my wedding was outdoors and I had to make sure I still looked fresh! Haha!

What were the preparations you did for your skin prior to the wedding day? Did you go to a skincare center regularly? What kind of services did you have done? Is this something you would recommend to other brides-to-be?

Honestly, I’m not really the type to do all these beauty preparations. I just made sure to keep my skin hydrated by putting facial lotion every night and drinking lots of water. I also tried to get a lot of rest before the big day. I would definitely recommend these three things to all brides. I think these are the very minimum that you need to do before the wedding, especially getting a lot of rest. Although all brides have that natural glow on their wedding day, I think we can give it an extra push with that few extra hours of sleep.

“Although all brides have that natural glow on their wedding day, I think we can give it an extra push with that few extra hours of sleep.”

What was the best beauty advice you received that helped you prepare for your wedding?

It wasn’t exactly beauty advice, but someone told me that a wedding will never be perfect but it will be my perfect wedding. I was told not to stress over the little things, and just enjoy! So a week before the wedding, I stopped worrying and just enjoyed and relaxed.

How about in terms of fitness? What did you do months before the wedding to stay in shape and make sure your wedding dress fit perfectly? Did you enroll in a gym or fitness center? What was your diet like?

About 4 months before, I started doing the workout of Kayla Itsines. I was doing this at home, 3 times a week. It was a good workout. It took about 30 to 45 minutes, and didn’t require much equipment. Everything you need can be found at home, or you can improvise with things from home.

I also tried to cut-down on carbs, and add more vegetables to my diet. What was hard for me was cutting down on sweets, but I think I cut down a pretty good amount of sweets.

Did you have your nails done? If so, where? Would you recommend this nail salon to others?

Yes, I had my nails done. I had them done together with my sister in Nail Spa, Shangri-La. I would definitely recommend it! It has a nice and relaxing ambiance, and the nail technicians were really good.

What was your biggest takeaway from your wedding day? Do you have any beauty-related tips you’d like to share to upcoming brides?

I think it’s really to just enjoy the whole wedding, and the days leading up to it. It will only happen once! And for the little (or big) things that go wrong, know when to let go. Because looking back, they will either be insignificant or be a funny story to tell. So be in the moment and enjoy the wedding itself.

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