Portable Disinfection Card

PHP 399

What it is:

Protective disinfectant card that protects the wearer against viruses, bacteria and other irritants that causes diseases, respiratory infections, and allergies. Product is safe, non-toxic and earth friendly.



How it works: the card releases safe levels of active ingredient chlorine dioxide (ClO2) into the air, which protects within the card’s vicinity. (CI02) is a strong oxidant, which has strong adsorption and penetration ability to target cells of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, germs, molds, etc.) and can effectively oxidize the enzymes in the cells, and quickly inhibit protein synthesis to achieve antibacterial and sterilization action.

Gentle and non-toxic: safe for everyone to use, including for children, the elderly and pregnant women

Economical: 1 card provides 99.9% protection, for up to 35 days

*1 Pack contains: card, clip and lanyard

How to Use: Can be worn around the neck, or clipped on your clothes, or even hung on the wall within your vicinity. *replace card after approximately 30-35days

Active ingredient: chlorine dioxide (ClO2)

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