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Megan Young: Ode To Beauty

Three years ago, way before I took on the role of Managing Editor of Calyxta, I watched quietly from afar the inspiring growth that took place each and every month that the online shop and magazine released brand after brand, and cover girl after cover girl. It still amazes me to see where it all started, and how much has evolved and has happened since the very first cover on Mari Jasmin. 

With December being our Anniversary Issue, we wanted to celebrate our 3rd birthday by doing an Ode to Beauty—with each week highlighting a timeless icon who has made such a huge impact in the beauty industry throughout the years.

And of course, who better to recreate these iconic looks than someone who possesses world-class beauty?

Ladies and gentlemen, as our last hurrah for 2017 and to give cheers to three exciting years, Calyxta is honored to present to you our December 2017 #CalyxtaGirl—none other than Megan Young.

In this week’s cover story, she channels one of the most, if not the most, classic beauty icons recreated time and time again but never feels cliché nor oversaturated—Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly. With her little black dress, pearls, signature bold brows and red lips, read up as Megan shares who of the beauty icons she recreated that she can relate with the most, her similarities with and differences from each one, when she was first exposed to makeup, and the best beauty advice she’s ever received.

Who were your beauty icons growing up? Somebody you looked up to or somebody you wanted to be like?

Beauty icons growing up—well, I was in that Hilary Duff phase. The Olsen Twins were also a big part of my childhood in terms of being the all-American girl that every girl looked up to. The three of them were the ones that I really looked up to during my pre-teens, or when I was a young teenager. And then of course, that evolved. It evolved with my style and the people that I looked up to.


What is your definition of a Filipina beauty? Since nowadays, we have the Morena beauty, the Chinita beauty, and the Mestiza beauty—but what for you is Filipina beauty?


It’s funny that you ask me this question because whenever I travel, people always say to me that I don’t look Filipino. And then I ask them, “What is a Filipino supposed to look like?” Is there supposed to be one type of look for a Filipina? And then when I was competing, people would always say, “Oh, she doesn’t look Filipina, oh she doesn’t look Filipino, blah, blah, blah.” And you know, it hurts in a way because you’re thinking—why does it have to be restricted to one type of look? Because nowadays, the Filipino look is so diverse. It’s mixed with many cultures. Like, I’m half-American. There are Caucasian-Filipinos, Chinese-Filipinos, Spanish-Filipinos—you know Filipinos that have originated from probably Malaysia or Indonesia or what not. And throughout the years, the quote-unquote Filipino look has been evolving. So I think with the Philippines and other countries, our look will always change and it will continue to evolve. For me, Filipina beauty is really more about our values than the look.

“Filipina beauty is really more about our values than the look.”

“I may be talkative and all, but I’m an introvert when it comes to attention.”

Of the four beauty icons that you recreated today, who can you relate to the most? And why?

Let’s see–I think we can all connect to the four girls in some ways. In some way, there’s a part of them like let’s say, Audrey, her energy is just so captivating and that’s something that I love about her, and you know, hope that I can make myself have that type of energy. With Madonna, it’s the confidence that she has. With Kim, it’s really her being an influencer and her setting her own trends and knowing what she wants. She’s that type of woman where if she wants it, she’s going to work hard to get it. Kate Middleton, I think, what I love about her is, you know, the modesty. It’s really what I love about Kate Middleton.

We all have an inner Audrey, inner Madonna, inner Kate, and inner Kim K. How do think you’re similar with and how different are you from each one?

Well, earlier, I think I mentioned similarities. The difference, I think—I don’t know the difference I would have with Audrey though. With Madonna, I guess I’m not as free-spirited as she is, because she’s all like, “Whatever!” and she doesn’t care usually. With Kim, I don’t think I’d like the spotlight as much. It’s ironic that I’m in the spotlight, but to be honest, I’m a very private person—more private than most. I share, but not too much. I think with Kate also—the scrutiny of the public eye really gets to me. I curl up like a turtle! Especially when I had my reign, when the attention was on me, I would get shy—and I would be misinterpreted a lot. A lot of people don’t know that about that me—that I may be talkative and all, but I’m an introvert when it comes to attention like that.

Are you more of a fashion or beauty girl? 

Beauty girl, definitely.

When were you first exposed to makeup and how old were you? Can you remember? And can you share how you were first introduced to the world of makeup?

Well, I was first introduced to makeup when I was really young. I was really close to my Ninang because she used to live with my family when I was younger, and I would always hang out in her room with her. She would take care of me like a second mom because my mom was working, and I would play with her all the time. Like my mom would catch me with lipstick smeared all over my face and I’m just playing with her makeup. I was around 3 to 4 years old.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received and from who?

The best beauty advice is really to cleanse your face. Everybody says that. But not everybody follows it. To cleanse and to use sunblock all the time.

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