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Jerika Ejercito: Beautiful Beginnings


Coming up with an apropos introduction for a woman who does not really need one is quite challenging. Her surname, first of all, is that of a prominent political and show business family in the Philippines. But, Jerika Ejercito has proven that she is her own woman – an individual who avoids politics and shies away from showbiz, but adores public service.

We met her at 81 Xavier Residences, a young towering skyscraper across an exclusive school in Greenhills. Thinking she would arrive with an army of bodyguards was wrong. Her entourage included her executive assistant, a fashion stylist-slash-best friend, a nanny and her two-year old son. Clad in a loose white sweater and tight black leggings, Jerika warmly greeted and went straight to the makeup chair, ready to do business.

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