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Issa Pressman: A Little Bit Cruella

Life is too short to be intimidated by bright red lipstick. Show this shade who’s boss, and rock it with confidence like our #CalyxtaGirl, Issa Pressman! Get started on your bold lip journey with this demure yet statement look to wear this lipstick (and not let it wear you!).

1. I know what you’re thinking—why would we put setting spray first? But that’s what’s so cool about this product! It’s so multi-purpose that you can use it as a primer, setting spray, and a facial mist all in one. Start the look by spritzing this spray evenly all over the face after applying moisturizer.

2. The beauty of mineral cosmetics lies in how well it adheres to the skin! This mineral foundation melts into a pore-less velvet matte finish with a medium to full coverage that sucks up excess oils. Blend it onto the skin evenly with a kabuki brush or a dense powder brush. With this foundation, blemishes are easily hidden; you can opt to enhance coverage with some concealer, but it’s great even without the extra help!

3. For this look, Issa’s naturally thick brows are clean and defined—but not filled in too intensely! This eyebrow pencil from Detail Makeover makes it incredibly easy to get just the right amount of definition. Simply take the spoolie and brush up your brows, then take the triangular tip and outline its natural shape. Softly fill in the sparse areas, focusing mainly on the center and tail, and blend gently towards the front to create a subtle gradient.

4. As the focus of this look is the lips, we’ve taken Issa’s shadow with a lighter hand. She’s already been blessed with deep, envy-inducing almond-shaped eyes, so our concoction of browns are swept on lightly to accentuate the depth even further. Take a lighter tan shade such as “Thatch Brown” as an all-over lid color, then define the inner and outer thirds with a darker shade like “Dusk.” Take a dab of a light neutral shimmer like “Relax Khaki” on the center for a faux halo.

5. For fellow winged liner enthusiasts out there, it’s time to put down the liquid liner! For this look, simply tightly line the pencil along your upper lash line to define the eye, giving it more shape and depth without fully winging it out. This pencil liner is creamy and packed with moisturizing oils—no need to worry about irritating your eyes!

6. Another key point of this look is Issa’s incredibly lengthened lashes! After curling, start applying a few coats of this voluminous mascara to the base of your lashes, creating a fuller body before coating your lashes until the tips. If your hairs have stuck together, take your wand vertically and swipe the wand in an upwards motion to help separate them. Remember, we’re going for feathery, not spidery!

7. For this look, we’re skipping the blush and going straight to contour! Take the center shade to lightly bronze the outer edges of your face for definition, getting as close to the hairline as possible. Accentuate the natural shadows of your face, such as the cheekbones and jawline, with the darker shade by lightly building up the shadow with a contour brush.

8. Last but definitely not least, let’s move on to the main event—lips! Go bold with this rich, bright red by SKIN by John Robert Powers! This mousse-y formula glides on like a dream and leaves your lips with intense pigment minus the dryness! Only one coat is needed to achieve such opaque pigmentation, so apply evenly across the lips. For those looking for a plumper, bolder look, take the applicator a little bit passed your natural lip shape for a Kylie-esque over-line.

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Julia Benito

Julia is Calyxta’s resident crazy plant lady with an unstoppable caffeine addiction and an ever-increasing love for glitter eye shadow. When she’s not staring out the window mulling over the correctness of her grammar, she can be found drawing on eyeliner, watching anime, reading books, or petting strangers’ dogs.

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