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Top Makeup Gurus Share Their Wedding Day Do’s and Dont’s

By Frances Sales

A bride wants to look her very best on her wedding day. If you’re a giddy bride planning your look, do remember two things:

  • You want to look amazing, but this is not the day to look different. You don’t want your guests and especially your groom to wonder about that stranger walking down the aisle! If you’ve always been a simple girl, then try a fresh and pretty face. If you’ve always sported dramatic makeup, don’t try the no-makeup look on your wedding day.
  • Little beauty steps lead to gorgeousness on the big day. All the stress will show up on your skin, so relax and take care of yourself throughout your engagement. Regular facials, massages, exercise, and trips to the salon, plus a good skincare regimen at home will keep you, your hair, nails and skin looking fresh and smooth. If you invest in self-care, no beauty emergency will happen on your wedding.

Here are a few more important beauty do’s and dont’s from the industry’s most in-demand makeup artists:

Jigs Mayuga – makeup artist

Do visit the salon early. “Schedule a haircut-and-color appointment as well as a facial one week before the big day to give your hair and skin time to adjust.”

Don’t have fanciful ideas on your look. “Have realistic beauty expectations when it comes to makeup pegs/mood boards for your wedding. Find visuals that have hair color and length, ethnicity, face shape, and features that are similar to yours.”

Jasmine Mendiola – makeup artist famous for her “The Glow” look; beauty consultant

Do take care of your skin. “Invest in skincare as early as you can. It’s the surest way you’ll get glowing skin on the big day!

Don’t go short. “Don’t get a haircut! Unless you really intend to wear your hair short, it’s more likely that the hairstyle you want (whether it’s an up-do or loosely worn down) will need length to work with. Make sure you mention to your colorist the date of your wedding(and show him/her the look you have planned out for your wedding day hair and makeup) so he/she can take this in consideration when styling your hair.

Nikki Tiu – makeup artist; beauty brand consultant; beauty blogger

Do blot. “Bring an oil control film to blot excess oil before walking down the aisle and for throughout the day.”

Don’t powder. “Don’t apply your own powder or powder foundation on top of what the makeup artist has done [since your powder] may create flashback or your face color may be far from your neck color.”

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