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Skin Care Trend Predictions for the Year 2017

By: Yasha Barretto

Every year, the beauty industry has constant innovations that catapult us further into our perpetual search for “The One” — the Holy Grail of skin care. Last year, all things Korean (we marveled at their 8 to 16 step daily skin care routine) and pouty, colorful lips (we could blame Kylie Jenner) took center stage. This 2017, we take the steps ahead and list down  our skin care trend predictions for the year:

  1. Activated Charcoal Mask


Face masks were all the rage in 2016.From the royal jelly to green tea to kiwi, there was a face mask for every skin care concern. Activated charcoal, said to be one of the trendiest ingredients of the coming year, acts like a vacuum for oil and dirt. It is mainly suited for oilier complexions, but can be used by those with normal complexions in need of deep cleansing. Aside from cleansing, it tightens skin and reduces the appearance of pores.

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  1. Dry Face Brushing

Aside from boosting circulation, exfoliation is also a key element in getting healthy, glowing skin, and better absorption of any products you use. One exfoliant tool that beauty addicts rave about is the face brush – and it has been said that this cleansing technique will level up in 2017. Ideally, use a face brush twice a week if you have dry skin, and 3-4 times for oilier complexions. Rinse your face with water post-brushing and apply your favorite serum for best results.

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  1. Superfood Skincare


From kale to spirulina, we’ve all heard of (and even tried) indulging in the latest superfood discoveries in our quest for weight loss and overall wellbeing. But this year, superfood is set to not just invade us gastronomically, but will make an appearance in our skin care routines as well. Ingredients such as chia seeds, quinoa, goji berries and the likes are now making cameos on serums, creams and face oils, and are poised to address our skin care needs.

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  1. Facial Wipes


Though facial wipes have been on the market for quite some time now, more people include them in their standard beauty arsenal of late. The latest breed of wipes do more than just cleanse, they also moisturize and have anti-aging properties. Throw in the convenience and speediness of having face wipes handy – it’s easy to see why this trend is fast becoming a staple.

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  1. Plumping ingredients


Hydration is key, as most beauty aficionados would attest. Parched and dry skin is highly related to aging, while plump and hydrated skin equals youth. Aside from gulping down 8 glasses of water daily, religiously applying skin potions with hydrating ingredients that reveal plumper skin will reveal a more youthful you. Toast in these ingredients to your skin care regimen beginning 2017, and sure you’ll find the solution to fight aging.

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