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Calyxta Crew’s Beauty Wishes

By: Sherry Tenorio

Traditionally, as we usher the Chinese New Year, we wish for prosperity and luck. But, here at the Calyxta HQ, we try to spice up the usual customs we’ve been following for ages. So, this Year of the Fire Rooster, we make a fresh start with a set of new beauty wishes instead. We make our wishes attainable, doable, and easy to maintain – ‘coz at the end of the year 2017, we want to look back at this list, and tell ourselves we did our best to get gorgeous!

Healthy Body

“I’ve been neglecting my body last year so I want to take care of it now more than ever. And, I think eating healthy will be the key to (fingers crossed) success! That and the regular visits to the boxing ring.”

– Ming Bagaforo, Graphic and Media Artist

Eat Veggies for Glowing Skin

“Everyone in the office decided to hop on this healthy train for the New Year… and there’s me. For 2017, I want to finally learn to eat my share of veggies in this world so I can also start my journey to eating my way to glowing, fabulous skin.”

– Maan Fernandez, Editorial Assistant

Trendy Makeup Looks

“Like everyone, I guess, I do wish to be fit and healthy. I promised myself that this year I will watch what I eat and be more aware of my body. But more than anything else, I want to be more fierce and bold in trying out the new beauty trends. I’d like to change my hairstyle (get the Alexa Chung fringe!), and be more experimental in my makeup looks – I’ll add more eyeshadow colors to my vanity kit.”

– Karina Robles, Marketing Manager

Hair Color Change

“My usual wish would be to eat healthy and get clear, flawless skin. This new year, I’d love to go beyond my typical self. I’ve always had long, black hair – which I treasure a lot – but I guess it’s time to let go of it. Would it be nice to change my hair color? Hmm…”

– Marj Maroket, Trade Marketing Associate

Fuller Brows

“Part of my daily routine is to make sure that I’ve got my brows on fleek. My eyebrows are annoyingly thin so for the beauty-verse to grant me with fuller eyebrows would be ahh-mazing! Meanwhile, my other beauty wish (the one that I can easily achieve!) is to live a healthier lifestyle.”

– Margaux Cortez, Art Director


Beauty Overhaul

“My list is long! There are so many things that I’d really want to change in my look. I have hopped on to the Calyxta Crew’s trend of eating healthy food, so I wish to maintain it. I want to get active, and start exercising. I also want to be kinder to my skin – and use sun block every single day! I hope to follow a hair regimen that’ll make it fuller and healthier. More so, I’d like to wear the classic red lipstick this year, and rock it! And, most importantly, I want to declutter my beauty closet. I guess, all things would fall into place if I’m organized and tidy.”

– Sherry Tenorio, Managing Editor


“Whenever I look at my Facebook pictures, I ask myself what happened to that sexy thing. So, this year, I’m going to get that thin body and face back. Not only it’ll make me feel better but it’ll also cut my makeup routine – I’ll do less contouring when I get thinner face again!”

– Sandra Romasanta, Marketing & Sales Director

Fit Lifestyle

“This year, I promise to be kinder to my body. I’m starting a healthy lifestyle because when I’m physically fit, I feel better on the inside as well. When I look good, I feel good and I do good.”

– Lyda De Dios, Chief Operations Officer




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