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Anti-Aging Skincare Ingredients

By: Xeng Zulueta


1.RETINOL is skin care’s anti-aging version of windex. It is the cure-all. Derived from vitamin A, it speeds up the formation of new skin cells. It repairs and stimulates skin from the deepest level so it takes care of dullness, slack, wrinkles and delivers brighter and more supple skin.

2.HYDROQUINONE is the best way to even out skin. A little hydroquinone serum goes a long way. It takes care of sun spots, scars or any pigmentation that deems unattractive. (I love freckles though!)

3.SUNSCREEN. You have heard of the saying: “an ounce of prevention is worth every pound of cure”? Yup, sunscreen. In fact I would rather invest in a good sunscreen than splurge on expensive anti-aging serums. Minimum of SPF 30 for daily use and 50 and above for outdoor use. Sunscreen is the best preventive anti-aging product that takes care of wrinkling, sagging, and skin cancer.

4.ANTIOXIDANTS. My favorites are green tea, vitamin C, pomegranate. They help repair skin and deliver skin that’s bright, young, smooth and elastic.

5.ALPHAHYDROXY ACIDS. Smooth lines, fades blotches and brightens skin. When used with the other 4 anti-aging ingredients, they work faster and delivered deeper into the skin. A peel is an instant facelift.


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