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See It To Believe It: La Localita Lash Express Review

My lashes are usually sensitive to products, so much that I can immediately feel its not-so-good effects from first use. I am also one who is guilty of rubbing my eyes thoughtlessly—forgetting that I put makeup on, and often, this habit is what tells me whether or not my eye products are good.

At worst, I’d feel a stinging in my eyes, it would turn red, and I’d need to wash it with water until it’s no longer irritated. Sometimes, I just know it’s not good for me when it clumps my lashes, or when the formula itself easily gets sticky and goopy! Eeep.


Recently, I was asked to try La Localita’s Lash Express Eyelash Enhancer, and truth be told, I was excited to try it, especially after hearing that it’s infused with ingredients that will help my lashes grow!

So in the past weeks, I’ve been trying to alternate it with my regular mascara to see the difference. The good news is, it didn’t irritate my eyes! Despite the eye-rubbing, I did not experience any itchiness and I also noticed less eyelash fall.

And since I was too focused on whether or not the formula would cause irritation to my eyes, I actually forgot that it’s supposed to be lengthening. I only realized it when I went off to run errands and just curled my lashes without applying any mascara. That’s when I realized that my lashes appear to look fuller and longer and I super love it!

As proof, I took a photo. On the left are my natural lashes, curled; while on the right (a.k.a. my left eye) you’ll see that my lashes have a few coats of La Localita’s Lash Express Eyelash Enhancer on. Notice the difference? I especially love how it looks naturally long and wispy, and it doesn’t appear too made-up. And don’t you think my mascara-less eye looks pretty fine, too?

On another note, I wish they would explore creating this product with a wand that has a slight curve. That’s the only difference I noticed using this in comparison to my regular mascara—the ‘lift’ is slightly different, and I believe it’s because of the brush shape.

Other than that, I look forward to giving my old mascara a break for now, and keep using my La Localita to see the full benefits!

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Patti Sunio aka Tita Pacita


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