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L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks Review

Mask nights have become such a huge thing—especially for us beauty girls. Personally, I love scheduling my mask night on a Friday so that when I come home from work and my dinner date, I can give myself a quick pampering session by lathering on my mask of choice, sipping on some red wine and reading a good book, while letting the mask do its work.

Lately, I’ve found myself drawn towards L’Oreal’s Pure Clay Mask—particularly the Anti-Pores one. I initially road tested it when it first arrived, and after just one use, I instantly fell in love with it—so I bought one, and I’ve been using it weekly ever since. The effects are pretty instant—after wearing it for just 20 minutes, I always feel my pores tighten. It even has a slight brightening effect that makes my skin look revitalized.

I asked what the rest of the Calyxta Crew thought of them, and here’s what they had to say:

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“I tried the Illuminating variant and I wasn’t really expecting any instant result after one use. I had it on for a good 20 minutes, rinsed it off, and to my surprise—my face did brighten up and looked more refreshed! I thought it was just me, but even my colleagues noticed the difference (since I applied it on during lunch break). It’s definitely my new go-to mask when my face needs some glow!”

Maan Fernandez, Editorial Assistant

“I used the Anti-Pore variant. For me, I usually get so annoyed by the huge pores around my nose and chin. Whenever I notice the pores, I immediately use the Anti-Pore variant and after 15 minutes, it’s an instant positive effect! My face feels cleaner and pores appear smaller. It’s a quick fix for me. I also like how the clay masks are at a comfortable price point. It enables me to multi-mask versus other clay masks in the market.”

Karina Robles, Marketing Manager

“The difference of the Hydrating Mask is that it doesn’t dry up—even if you’ve applied a thick layer on your face. It felt more like a thick lotion rather than a clay mask that dried up. When I used it, I had just come from my Hong Kong trip so my skin was completely dry—but when I applied the mask and removed it after 20 minutes, it felt hydrated instantly!”

Ming Bagaforo, Graphic Artist

Text by: Gretchen Gatan

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