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Kilo Off Liquid Drink Flat Stomach Review

Bikini season is here and, Calyxta girls, if you’ve been working out and dieting for the beach, then good for you! If you think your tummy is still a bit bloated, don’t worry. I’m here to tell you about Kilo Off. It’s a simple solution to that rounded belly. I know, because I’ve tried it!

Kilo Off is not a diet. It’s simply a fiber drink that helps your digestive system work better. So bloat and water retention are addressed. This is not a miracle drink that will make you shed 10 lbs. in a week. A kilo is roughly 2 lbs. so those 2 lbs. you’ll lose is really mostly just water.

Of all the products in the Kilo Off line, I chose the Liquid Drink Flat Stomach because I only need to take it for 8 days. I didn’t know yet if I had the stamina to try the other products which needed to be taken a couple of times a day for 15 to 20 days. The drink was the easiest to do and I tried it because it tempted me with its flat stomach promise.

The thick, orange-brown liquid I poured into its dosage cup (the cap) was not as tempting. Surprisingly, it tasted really good! If you like sampaloc, then you’ll love this. It’s a sweet and sour taste. I wouldn’t mind chugging the whole bottle but the instructions said just one 50ml dose a day. That’s just one gulp. Easy!

The active ingredients are tamarind, rhubarb, and acacia. They all work together to facilitate digestion, help relieve heaviness and bloating, and contribute to intestinal balance. That’s what their website says. Sounds good to me! I figured even if I didn’t lose the weight, my tummy would be healthy—so I still benefited.

After 8 days, I’m happy to report that my bowel movements were more regular, I felt I had more energy, and my bloated tummy became a bit smaller. I didn’t expect a flat stomach, to be honest, because I don’t diet and exercise so I do have a pooch. I am aware that only a disciplined lifestyle can get rid of my belly. So I was happy to see that my tummy didn’t look or feel so swollen anymore.

I recommend you to try Kilo Off Liquid Drink Flat Stomach the week before going to the beach. You’ll look and feel great in your bikini!

Text by: Frances Sales

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