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Product Review: My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Quick Dry

By: Amanda Padilla

A couple of years ago, I took a basic hairstyling class. As much as I love a messy bun, I was bored of sporting it everyday. It was time to add variety to my hairstyling repertoire. I learned how give myself a blowout, and though it was leaps and bounds better than what I could do prior, it never quite looked professional. My hair would be bigger than I wanted it to be, the ends didn’t curl softly and it took forever to do. Drying my mid-length hair felt like an hour-long arm workout.

A small miracle happened when I used My Amazing Blow Dry Secret – my blowout time got cut down to 20 minutes. Usually, I have to go over each section of my fine, curly hair multiple times before I can yield it into submission. It only took two passes per lock to tame my stubborn tresses this time. The end result was a nice-looking blowout with just the right amount of volume that could pass as a salon-done job. My hair looked healthier, shinier and smelled great. And I was really amazed at how my hair was unaffected by humidity when it usually starts to look like an afro at the slightest hint of rain.

The secret ingredient of My Amazing Blow Dry Secret is coconut oil. This helps hair stay hydrated enough to be impervious humidity and at same time protects it from the heat of the blow dryer. It works as a leave-on hair conditioner and I couldn’t stop playing with my hair – it felt so soft! Good on all hair types, this cruelty-free product has become a regular part of my hair care regimen.

My Amazing Blow Dry Secret is a product I would recommend to anyone who blow dries their hair. Who wouldn’t want better results at a fraction of the time?


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