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Nikita’s Fab Finds Shampoo and Conditioner Bar Review

This past Christmas, the entire #CalyxtaCrew was gifted a pair of Nikita’s Fab Finds Shampoo and Conditioner bars from our Merchandising Manager, Gina Bengua.

I was super excited to try it because I had been intrigued with posts I’d seen of friends raving about bars they’d been using. Gina gifted me the Fab Finds Grapefruit Shampoo Bar and the Olive Oil Conditioner Bar, which I had swapped with our Editorial Assistant for the Raspberry (not the biggest fan of olive oil scented products, but raspberry? Mmm!)

The conditioner bar was a whole different story. I opened it up and was clueless on what to do. Because there are a lot of oils in this conditioner bar, it has that slippery texture, so I thought to just slide it onto my hair, right? Easier said than done. Because my hair was already wet, it was time consuming to get product onto my hair. It felt like it was just sliding off. So I washed whatever I could get off, and called it a day. I wasn’t too excited with how my hair felt after because my hair needs to be conditioned well, and the uneven distribution didn’t help at all. The next day, I told to Maan about my experience and she shared that the conditioner is supposed to be applied on DRY HAIR BEFORE SHAMPOO. So the next evening, I gave it a shot and BINGO! Everything made sense. Rubbing on the conditioner wasn’t difficult because my hair was dry so it wouldn’t slip, and what feels like excessive wax in your hair washes out nicely because you use the shampoo bar after.

My hair is thick and pretty damaged from years of bleach and coloring, so I was really hoping it wouldn’t dry out my mane. To be honest, I had no clue what I was doing when I first opened them up. I figured—lather and rub that stuff in, right Well, to my luck that’s just how it goes for the shampoo. I would even put the bar directly on my head/hair and lather it up there. I enjoyed the scent and my hair didn’t feel dry like how I had expected. It actually felt very smooth compared to some bottled shampoos I’ve used. And I was able to run my fingers through it with ease!

It took a few days for my hair to get used to these new products overall. At first, I wasn’t sure I was getting enough conditioner for how thick my hair is, but now I think I’ve got it down. My scalp feels cleaner than ever, and my hair is shinier. To top it off, I love that it’s environmentally friendly! Who said you can’t help Mother Nature and have great hair at the same time?

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Margaux Cortez


Margaux is a radio DJ (99.5 PlayFM), a voice talent, event host, and the Art Director for Calyxta. Her love for makeup began in 5th grade when her mom first let her wear lipstick to her sister's 6th grade promotion. The rest is history. You can catch Margaux with a bold eye look one day and a crazy lip color the next to show off her sometimes EXTRA personality.

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