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Product Review: Charmzone Ginkgo Natural BB Cream

By: Angela Lim

The happy and healthy skin that can rival any beauty filter doesn’t just exist in magazines or the fashion runways. Every beauty junkie can have glowing skin for themselves with the right skin regimen and skin-loving products. Ginkgo Natural BB Cream is a nourishing beauty balm that fits the bill and then some.

What is it?

Ginkgo Natural BB Cream is a velvet-soft and moisture-rich BB cream that promises to soften, smoothen and brighten your skin with a formula infused with skin-loving ingredients and an added boost of UV protection. The natural BB cream is infused with Ginkgo, a traditional Chinese staple that has many medicinal properties as well as a popular favorite ingredient in cosmetics because of its anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing, and vitamin-rich properties.

The upside

This BB cream isn’t loaded with fragrance or oil; in fact, it’s moisturizing without the usual stickiness that we get from most BB creams. It has a subtle earthy scent to it and has a medium to high coverage, a first for BB creams! Although most BB creams provide great moisture and coverage, Ginkgo Natural BB Cream is the first to have a long lasting matte finish to boot. It’s bendable and does the job without ever feeling heavy. The packaging is nice and sleek. You only need a pump or two of this stuff so it’s sure to last you a long while. A few days into it, the product delivers on the promise of skin feeling softer and smoother after each use.

The downside

BB creams aren’t as potent or long lasting as foundation and concealer, so you shouldn’t expect it to last you the whole day. A few touch ups here and there is necessary, but this BB cream still holds up fairly well. After a couple of hours your skin starts to get a little oily.

The verdict

One of the best products we got to test drive. One of the only BB creams that don’t make your face look chalky and small like potpourri. You’ll definitely be seeing this chucked inside our makeup kits for sure!

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