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Made in Paradise: The Calyxta Pineapple Paradise Set

They say great things come in small packages, and Calyxta’s Pineapple Paradise set is crammed full of greats that make it the ultimate ‘kikay‘ kit. Whether you’re a full-time student, an independent working gal, or even somewhere in between, this set has got your daily skin care and makeup needs covered. Oh, and it comes in the cutest, pineapple-printed pouch to boot!

Read on to find out what you’ll get with this must-have set:

Skipping on sunscreen is one of the ultimate skin sins, ladies, and with a sunscreen this convenient and easy to apply, all excuses are out the window. No matter how you get around the city, UV rays are constantly bombarding us, and all it takes is generous swipes of this to shield you from them. Leaving a soft, matte finish that glides on a like dream, the Secret Key Sun Stick is perfect for any skin type and lifestyle. And with SPF50, you’ve got hours of daily protection at your side.

No sensible lady is without a good face powder in her arsenal, and in this constant high heat and humidity that quickly turns skin from fresh to ‘far gone,‘ they’re an essential. KleanColor’s Mattifying Finishing Pressed Powder helps keep shine at bay while giving skin that Instagram-worthy soft focus effect. Pores? What pores? Before stepping out, hit up that Secret Key sunscreen and lightly sweep on powder. Feel free to retouch in between classes or during your next coffee break to always keep your complexion HD ready.

Just because you’ve already got a warm complexion, doesn’t mean you have to steer clear of bronzers. In fact, choosing the right one can give you that subtle glow that’s actually everyday appropriate. If you’re more fair, just keep one general rule in mind: choose a shade that’s no more than two shades darker than your actual skin tone. The crazy popular Rimmel Natural Bronzer is lightweight and applies with ease, making it perfect for both bronzer newbies and pros alike. It’s also waterproof and boasts a wear time of 10 hours, meaning you can keep your golden goddess status the whole day.

Hydrated, luscious lips are #goals and dry, chapped lips are the stuff of nightmares. After all, no matter what kind of lipstick you wear, you’ll need a smooth canvas to apply them on. If you’re not allowed to wear lipstick at school or prefer minimal to no makeup at the office, then sporting a healthy pout is a must. Beauty Treats’ Sugar Lip Scrub, made of natural sugars, instantly buffs away dry skin and leaves behind nothing but soft lips that’ll make you pucker up with happiness. Tip: Use this lip scrub before bed, wash or wipe away, apply lip balm, and wake up to kissable lips every morning.

So nice, we included this brand twice! When we said this was the ultimate ‘kikay’ kit we meant it, and included is a balm that’s the bomb to help get your face fresh and clean after a long day. Non-liquid to prevent leaks in your bag, this makeup remover and cleanser in one gets your face ultra clean without drying it out. Not only is makeup no match for it, but it also washes away built-up dirt and grime from the city streets. Simply massage it into your skin, wash away, and voila!

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