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How to Wear Make Up with Glasses

By: Amanda Padilla

I strongly believe that there are no rules, only suggestions, when it comes to make up. The right make up look for you is the one that makes you feel like a million bucks. Ignore what everyone else says! That being said, there are some general tips that have been tried and tested and managed to get a universal thumbs up. Here are my favorite make up suggestions for the glasses-wearing bunch.

  • Use foundation sparingly, especially on the bridge of the nose. The more product you have on this area, the more your glasses are going to slide down your face leaving really unattractive make up track marks. Those with oily skin, especially around the t-zone, might want to use a mattefying primer and foundation. Bonus make up hack: put a little eyeshadow primer on the sides of your nose where skin and glasses touch. Set with powder. This will help keep your glasses in place.
  • Wearing glasses draws attention to the eyes so make sure that your eyeshadow is crease free by using eyeshadow primer above and below the eye to make sure concealer and eyeshadow don’t budge. Keep the make up simple and blend perfectly.
  • Glasses can cast a dark shadow in the under-eye area so brighten up that area by using an illuminating concealer. Set with a yellow loose powder to counteract the dark cast.
  • Wear a bright or dark colored lipstick to bring balance to the face by drawing focus to the lips.
  • Try giving your eyes a pop of color by using brightly colored eyeliner on the lower lash line.
  • If you have very long lashes, use a volumizing or thickening mascara instead of a lengthening mascara. This way you’re lashes won’t keep hitting your glasses.
  • Keep brows clean and groomed but keep them looking natural. Fully drawn in brows gives an intense focus to the eye area.
  • If your eyes are extremely magnified by the glasses, line entire eye with liner to minimize the appearance of its size.


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