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How to Pull Off Bold Lip Color

By: Cat Juan Ledesma

With summer in full gear, it doesn’t hurt to welcome the sizzling temperature weather with pops of color, especially on your lips.

Bold lips aren’t anything to be intimidated about. Here are some tips that will guarantee that your puckers will make the right kind of statement wherever you go.

Prep and Prime: 

The richer your lip color, the easier it is to spot flakes or cracks. Be sure to give your lips a gentle exfoliation with a scrub and always moisturize them at night to wake up with soft pillow-like puckers.

Know Your Skin Tone:

Universally flattering lipstick shades aren’t easy to come by, so it’s important to find out what your skin tone is to know which color family would fit you best. Look at the top part of your hands and note the color of your veins — if they’re blue, you most probably belong to the fair and pink-toned spectrum. While if your veins are green, you probably belong to the warmer yellow-toned family. Another easy way to figure this is out is how your skin reacts to the sun: if you get red and burn easily, you’re on the pink-toned side and if you get golden brown, you’re on the yellow-toned one.

Choose the Right Shade: 

Cooler tones should stay away from reds that are on the orange side and look for the ones that are more on the blue shade. What’s awesome about cooler reds is that they make teeth look whiter: a trick I encourage everyone actually try!


Warmer tones can go for brighter colors and play with those in the orange family. Berry and plum colors are also super flattering — especially on olive skin.


Opt for Less Shine: 

Bold lip colors already pack a statement; paired with high gloss it can actually look a little over the top. Look for bold lip colors that are in creamy, matte or semi-matte formulas to offer just the right wow without coming on too strong.


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