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Five Halloween Costumes Using Eyeliner

October is definitely an exciting month, because it means Halloween is just around the corner! And while it’s extra fun spending time picking out the perfect costume (complete with props), work, school, or life in general can get in the way of our hunt for the ensemble we want. So if you find yourself on the eve of Halloween unprepared and costume-less, fret not because there are a ton of options we have for you that require one single essential tool that you probably already have in your kikay kit: EYELINER! Time to bring out your inner Picasso and read on for the top five Halloween looks that require only your eyeliner:

1. Trainwreck

Britney, Lindsey, Nicole Richie, and every Hollywood Bad Girl went through a rough phase in the past when all they did was drink, party, and drink some more. Though these girls have thankfully bounced back from those rough patches of their lives, unfortunately, all these antics and the walk of shames with smudged eyeliner were immortalized in tabloid photos taken by
the paparazzi. Sad as it may be, the train wreck look has become sort of iconic, and if you’re absolutely pressed for time, just smudge some eyeliner on your lower lids and walk into a party channeling 2007 Britney.

2. Cat Face

Bringing out your inner feline is always a classic. Some people find feline features quite attractive, possibly due to the media’s portrayal of characters like Catwoman as slinky and sexy. So bust out the eyeliner and come as your favorite Snapchat filter!

3. Cleopatra

Okay, so coming as the Queen of the Nile might require a bit more than just eyeliner (and maybe throw in a wig with bangs if you can). But eyeliner is definitely the most memorable feature on Cleopatra’s face, as immortalized onscreen by no other than Dame Elizabeth Taylor.

4. Charlie Chaplin

Pay tribute to the Legendary King of Comedy in the Black and White era and come dress up as The Great Dictator himself. Plus points if you work his expertly exaggerated moves in his silent film comedic sequences throughout the party.

5. A Clockwork Orange

You don’t even need to stick on falsies to achieve Alex de Large’s look in ‘A Clockwork Orange.’ All you need is eyeliner to draw on the fake lashes on the right eye in possibly the quickest Halloween makeup look to put together ever.

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Text by: Yasha Barretto

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