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Blend and Snap: 5 Fun Facts About the Iconic Beautyblender

As far as makeup applicators go, the Beautyblender is legendary. Since its entry into the beauty scene over a decade ago, it has invaded our vocabularies and our kikay kits. We all know by now all the benefits of using this magic sponge versus a regular makeup sponge (better blending, ensuring every angle of your face is covered, etc.), but there are some factoids that you probably don’t know just yet beyond the basics. Here are five fun facts about our favorite pink sponge:

In the first stages of developing the makeup applicator, Beautyblender founder, Rea Ann Silva, was so focused on the design and texture and admitted to not really considering color swatches at that stage. But when the lab she had contracted to make the sample sent the first prototype over, they sent her a pink sponge—and she loved it. The Beautyblender pink can definitely give millennial pink a run for its money.

Popoy’s post break-up “three-month rule” in One More Chance also kind of applies to the Beautyblender. But instead of waiting for three months to start another relationship after a break-up, it is recommended you break-up with your current Beautyblender after three months of usage. We know how easy it is to get attached, but once your sponge starts getting ragged or loses its bright pink hue, let it go and replace it (with another Beautyblender, of course!)

A common rookie mistake is to use your sponge dry. The Beautyblender is a hydrophilic, a snazzy term that means it is designed to absorb water. This way, it ensures that your product goes on your skin and not your sponge because there is no more room in the sponge to absorb it. The wetness also makes for a fresh and dewy finish after application.

Oh yes, its uses go beyond the face. The same way you use it to blend color onto your skin, you can do so too with your roots! Its size makes it easy to touch-up that small amount of hair regrowth easily and makes for a less messy application. Be sure to wash it straightaway after so as not to have the dyes damage your sponge.

We know it was meant to put product on, but a dry Beautyblender can just as easily get products off. You can easily erase makeup mistakes like they never happened, from wonky eyeliner lines and mascara smudges, to lipstick that ended up beyond your lip line—just by a bit of a wipe from your sponge!

Text by: Yasha Barretto

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