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Beginner’S Guide To Makeup Brushes

By: Ixi Castillo

Buying your first set of makeup brushes can be a bit daunting, especially since you’ve got so many brushes of different shapes and sizes out in the market nowadays.  The first thing you have to remember is to keep it simple.  A basic makeup brush set does not have to be extensive—the key is to get ones that can multitask. 

Here are some suggestions:

1. Powder/Blush Brush: Get one that is medium sized so you can use it to set your powder and to add some color on your cheeks.


2. Foundation Brush: Again, settle for a medium sized one (if you are opting to get a flat foundation brush) so you can use this to blend in your concealer as well. You can always use your ring finger to further blend your concealer before setting with powder.


3. Eyeshadow Brush: My favorite ones are those with long bristles because this allows you to deposit product and blend in one go.


4. Eyeliner Brush: Use this to even out coal liner, to smudge it, and to apply gel liners as well.


5. Spooly Brush: This brush is often overlooked but is an essential for me. It helps remove clumps of mascara from your lashes and it also grooms your brows.


6. Stippling Brush: This is optional but what I like about this brush is that you not only use it to apply and blend out your foundation but you can also use it as a powder brush.


You may start with a kit with only 5 to 6 makeup brushes and then build your collection from there.  See what works best for you!


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