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Travelista’s Tips: Hair Products To Take On Your Trips

When traveling, no matter how long or how tiring the flight is, looking fabulous should always be on the itinerary. Sure, you might think being elsewhere and having jam-packed schedules and tours give you an excuse to slack off on your hair care routine. Think again. Change in climate and post-plane hair, among others, can take its toll on your locks—which is why every travelista should make sure we toss the right products into our travel kits and be ready wherever our destination may be. We asked eight certified travelistas of various ages who regularly go on trips both here and abroad, to share with us their top picks for their tresses when on the go:

“I brought my Dove dry shampoo when I went to the States. I had an overnight layover in LAX and we just stayed in the airport for 8 hours! I popped out my Dove Dry Shampoo and just retouched my hair and I felt so refreshed after.”

Ming, 23

“I use VMV Essence Skin Saving Superwash Hair+Body Milk Shampoo because it gives volume to my hair. I live in Boracay, and because of exposure to too much sun, my hair is super dry, and this shampoo makes it smoother and shinier.”

Cesca, 30

“I like that it gives me volume and texture without making my hair seem too dry. Perfect for humid weather!”

Angela, 33

“It’s really my favorite because it keeps my hair soft and shiny. Better than any other shampoo or conditioner I’ve used.”

Lea, 22

“My favorite thing about this shampoo is its super refreshing scent lasts all day long!”

Sharon, 40

“It’s lightweight and doesn’t make my hair look oily but still does wonders in making it soft and shiny.”

Andi, 35

“Im a Dove girl, and I love it! Hahaha. Seriously though, my hair doesnt dry up with Dove. It keeps it smooth and silky. For someone who doesnt regularly comb, this is perfect for me.”

Danise, 25

“It’s a quick and convenient way to freshen up, especially if you’re out on tours the whole day. Love the fruit scent of this!”

Maan, 22

Text by: Yasha Barretto

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