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Mani Mania: 5 Nail Polish Trends to Try Right Now

Manicures aren’t what they used to be. These days, while there are still some who go for the iconic reds and nudes, more and more women are beginning to appreciate the beauty of unexpected shades like silver, and the playful appeal of experimenting with unique color combos and conversation-starting textures. Here, we explore new ways to wear your manicure with pride:

Seen at the 3.1 Phillip Lim show, metallic colors leave nails with stunning shine, and, interestingly enough, are easier to apply than regular-hued polishes. This is because demarcation lines are less visible so applying layers that aren’t necessarily perfect or even won’t exactly be visible to the naked eye.

Vera Wang models were seen sporting a most interesting manicure trend: bare nails with three fourths of the nailbed painted black in vertical manner. Another variation for this look: pair a baby pink hue with black polish painted in a slanted way across the nail bed. The result? Modern art that’s simple to do.

The trend for fashion has now trickled down to our nails, as seen at Jeremy Scott’s recent show. Use pops of color (try pink + sky blue or khaki + yellow) to create statement nails that will serve as your accessory against a monochromatic outfit. An easy way to wear this trend well is to follow the look of a French mani but substituting the usual hues with bright colors. Check out my article on creative ways to wear a French manicure here.

Instead of embellishing your tips, why not try decorating your cuticles? Using a sparkly lacquer, you can either paint the “moon” by your cuticle or simply follow the outline of your cuticle!

If you aren’t into nail art, you can still sport trendy and statement nails by going for unexpected hues. Chartreuse, for instance is a color that looks fantastic against an all-white ensemble, and works just as well with an LBD. Another hue worth trying out is a bright pink like magenta which channels good and positive energy and looks especially great against skin because it cancels out any grayish tones, leaving your skin looking brighter and more flawless.

Text by: Agoo Bengzon

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