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The Calyxta Beauty Awards 2019

2019 has been a rollercoaster of discovery, transformation, and self-love—and we still have four months to go! Growing in confidence has certainly been the highlight of the year thus far, as seen through our three lovely #CalyxtaGirls: Iza Calzado, Janine Gutierrez, and Issa Pressman. Standing tall, proud, and firm in their beliefs, these gorgeous ladies show us what it means to be an empowered beauty all in their own unique ways. Taking inspiration from these powerful women, we as Calyxta try to do our part in bringing confidence and love to our readers through Beauty. Though some may disagree, we believe that Beauty is truly an investment; after all, you become the best you when you’re confident—in whatever regimen and with however many products may suit you the best!

As August rolls in once again, it’s time for the Calyxta Crew to crown the products that have made a difference in our lives and yours—whether it be clearer skin or a popping new lippie that made great nights even greater. Get to know our carefully curated picks of goodies new and old, as well as some local favorites, for skin care and cosmetics that our customers and team all adore!

Will you find your newest 2019 holy grail on the list? Read through our categories to find out!