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New Year’s Resolutions: 4 Ways To Live Sustainably

Some may think saving the environment is a feat better suited for professionals and scientists alike. After all, the statistics and reports flooding our social media feeds often leave a lot to be overwhelmed by. But here at Calyxta, we believe that caring for Mother Nature doesn’t always require grand gestures. In fact, small actions make a big difference especially if these small actions come from large groups of people. So this 2019, give back to the environment by taking a few of these easy-to-integrate habits.

1. Stainless Steel Straws

A classic move that’s been sweeping the media scene for the last couple of months. These eco-friendly straws are food-grade, so they’re completely safe to drink from. Using them instead of plastic straws instantly reduces your print in the single-use product scheme, making sure one less straw finds it ways to the oceans.

2. Bamboo Utensils

Similar to plastic straws, most restaurants’ protocols are to provide customers with plastic utensils for quick disposal after use. But a more eco-friendly alternative would be to pack your own set of of bamboo utensils when you’re on the go. Be kind to the environment now, and you’ll be able to thank yourself later.

3. Shampoo Bars

Few realize that a big chunk of the pollution found in the sea comes from discarded packaging materials usually in the form of plastic. Your hygiene products may do you good, but after throwing out that bottle of soap, it’s likely to do more harm to the environment than you realize. Switching to a shampoo bar gives companies the signal that more people are learning to appreciate the anti-waste lifestyle, so in effect, lessening their own production of plastic to be disposed.

4. Reusable Packaging

Glass jars from Lace & Rue and Happy Island Candles can actually be reused if you think about it! You can get creative with the number of ways you can recycle them—as a pot for your new office plant, as a way to keep hair pins and ponytails organized, or if you clean them thoroughly, you can even use them as adorable scotch glasses! The same can be said about Glossier’s pink pouch—read about all the ways you can use them here

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