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I Did Intravenous Laser Therapy with HEILEN Wellness and Here’s What Happened

I’ve always been a very firm believer of holistic care—so much that I practice this religiously with my skin care (from drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, to following a 10-step skin care routine, to drinking supplements that can help produce more collagen), and as much as possible, I apply the same philosophy when it comes to my overall health! I eat in moderation (although I do like to indulge myself with sweets every once in a while), get regular exercise by playing Ultimate Frisbee once or twice a week, and sleep at least six hours a day—all while having a day job, maintaining a blog, and doing my makeup artistry as a sideline.

As much as I exert effort in really taking care of myself, it’s inevitable for me to get stressed in certain situations or be affected by the conditions I was born with (like my asthma, vertigo, rhinitis, dextroscoliosis, and costochondritis—it’s quite a handful, to be honest!). But rather than react to all of these things happening to my body, I choose to be more preventive. I often treat myself to massages, invested in a more high-end air purifier to control my asthma and allergies, and try to do strengthening exercises to help with my lower back.

Another thing I can definitely add to these preventive measures is by visiting HEILEN Medical Wellness Center regularly. HEILEN, which is derived from the Proto-Germanic term, “to heal, make whole, or save,” is the pioneering Integrative Health Treatment in the Philippines, in cooperation with Weber Medical and Sanomni Health GmbH, as one of the leaders in the fast-developing field of using Photobiomodulation for various medical treatments and integrative cancer approach.

Contrary to what I initially thought of it, HEILEN Wellness isn’t just for cancer patients. Their passion in providing superior medical analysis and integrative management for individual health conditions is rooted from years of hands-on experience and continuous training that developed their out-of-the-box thinking in dealing with medical conditions on a more holistic approach.

Before starting with any therapy, they really try to identify the root cause of the patient’s illness or concern. When I visited them a couple of months ago, I was asked to answer a lengthy exam that really tackled everything—from my physical, to my mental, to my emotional wellbeing. From there, I consulted with an in-house doctor who interviewed me further and suggested that I eat and drink certain foods and supplements more often, and who recommended that I do their Intravenous Laser Therapy. At first, I was a little nervous because it meant sticking a needle through my vein to let the laser light pass through. The machine had different colors, which addressed specific concerns:

Red – for cell regeneration
Blue – for anti-aging
Green – for oxygenation
Yellow – to tap the brain and act on serotonin (also known as the happy hormones!) as a way to improve your mood and fight depression

The laser can act as an acupuncture as well, so they stuck suction cups on my lower back to let the laser light pass through. This helped address the discomfort I was feeling from my dextroscoliosis, and from sitting in the office for prolonged periods of time. 

The session took less than an hour, and before I knew it, all colors had already been infused into my system! I didn’t feel its immediate effects, but I do remember sleeping so much better that night. Plus—the discomfort on my lower back totally disappeared for that day! Imagine what could happen if I did their Intravenous Laser Therapy regularly—I’d look and feel better, and have a more positive disposition in life!

Aside from their Intravenous Laser Therapy, they offer so much more—Biological Medicine, Psychosocial Therapies, Preventive Medicine, Lifestyle and Nutrition, Integrative Oncology, Innovative Treatments, Conventional Medicine, and Biontology. There’s really something for everybody, and it doesn’t just offer solutions to people who are physically sick—they also make sure that you are mentally and emotionally healthy.

To know more, visit their website here:

Text by: Gretchen Gatan

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