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Renzo Navarro

Renzo Navarro is a Manila-based photographer. He started his career by borrowing his friends’ cameras to take photos of people. But when he was asked to provide the snaps for a friend’s lookbook for her graduate collection in Central Saint Martins and was hired by the local fashion designer Carl Jan Cruz, Renzo ventured professionally into fashion photography and liked it. Always in love with visuals, his pursuit of photography allows him to indulge in passion projects which he couldn’t do with graphic design. Although quite new in the game, his photos have already been featured in Calyxta, L’Officiel Manila, and During his spare time, he still shoots still images using his own camera now, a Canon 7D.


Skin: Dry
Hair: Thin and dry
Can’t live without: Sea Salt Spray
Favorite Calyxta Find: Toni&Guy Sea Salt Spray

Find him at:

Instagram: @_renzonavarro

Calyxta works appear in: 

Baby Barangay cover story – May 2017

Text by: Sherry Tenorio



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