DHC Vitamin C 60s and DHC Collagen 60s Bundle

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What it is:

A daily Japanese beauty supplement with collagen, Vitamin B1, and Vitamin B2 that helps enhance and maintain a bright, youthful complexion!

What it does:

Formulated with collagen, these supplements help ensure your skin’s strength and vitality from within! This helps to slow the signs of aging such as wrinkles and spots and promotes overall skin health. Its inclusion of Vitamin B1 and B2 help to keep the liver, skin, hair, and eyes functioning at its best! The components also help keep the skin from drying out, therefore preventing excess oil production that may lead to acne and irritation.

How to use:

Take 2 tablets before meals daily for a total of 6 tablets a day.


Fish Collagen 2,050mg, Vitamin B1 14mg, Vitamin B2 2mg, Stabilizers (Crystalline Cellulose, Glycerin Ester, Silica), Casing (Gelatin, Colorings: Caramel, Titanium Oxide)


What it is:

A daily Japanese beauty supplement made from Vitamin C and Vitamin B2 for a clearer complexion, stronger skin, and a boosted immune system!

What it does:

Because Vitamin C plays a vital role in the body’s natural collagen production, these beauty supplements are effective in helping the skin heal, maintain its strength from within, and fight the signs of aging. Along with Vitamin B2, these work well to combat damaged skin, acne production, and reducing the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles! Injesting Vitamin C may also help prevent further dryness that may lead to irritation and acne.

How to use:

Take 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening for a total of 2 tablets a day.


Vitamin C 1000mg, Vitamin B2 2mg, Casing (Gelatin; Coloring: Caramel, Titanium Oxide)

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