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What it is:

A medical isolation gown that protects the wearer from the spread or transfer of infection or illness by blocking potentially infectious liquid and solid material. Sleeveless for ease of removal.

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Pre-order: 7 days

How to use:

Make sure you are clean and your hands have been sanitized before donning the gown. Make sure to firmly secure all the ties. When removing, be sure not to touch the contaminated areas and to pull of the gown from the inside. Thoroughly cleanse your hands afterwards.

For cleaning, wash well with disinfectant bleach solution and hang for 3 days. This will ensure that any bacteria left on the material that was not removed by the bleach will die after 3 days.

Options for Washing:
Opt 1 Gentle cycle in regular detergent that is color safe (no bleach)
Opt 2 30 minute soak in hydrogen peroxide solution (or any ph neutral disinfectant)
Opt 3 UVC light 15 minutes each side

What else you need to know:

If you are not a medical practioner, please research and ensure that you are fully aware of the proper usage of PPE, as mishandling or using them incorrectly may not help protect you from bacteria.

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Black sleeveless, Black with sleeves, Dove Grey sleeveless, Dove Grey with sleeves, Navy Blue sleeveless, Navy Blue with sleeves, Orange sleeveless, Orange with sleeves, Teal blue sleeveless, Teal blue with sleeves, White sleeveless, White with sleeves, Yellow sleeveless, Yellow with sleeves

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