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Issa Pressman: A Little Twinkle

With an atypical take on the traditional power suit, Issa Pressman proves time and time again that her style knows no limits. Her split-dyed hair, puff-sleeved short blazer, and disjointed pants are a testament to how versatile her looks can be. Equipped with gorgeous features, an abundance of confidence, and an unmatched elegance in front of a camera, we’re convinced that Issa can pull off absolutely anything we’d throw on her! Now, while I know that these things are uniquely Issa and can’t be replicated, we can at least try to cop her makeup look. In this layout, makeup artist, Mikka Marcaida, did an excellent job in bringing out Issa’s naturally beautiful features while giving it that extra pop—a bright purple twinkle on the inner corners of her eyes!

Learn how to get Issa’s gorgeous natural bronze with just the right amount of galactic shimmer.

1. Starting off with base: Issa’s monochromatic look brings out the best of her natural features, so to achieve this look, we’re going in with something that isn’t too far from your skin texture. I’m sure you’ve tried a foundation before that looked like cookie dough minus the deliciousness—thick, cakey, and bunches up in all the wrong places. With this foundation from Pink Sugar, you’re getting a lightweight formulation with medium coverage, yet still allows your skin to look like skin. While it doesn’t cover acne completely in one layer, it can be built up for fuller coverage. A word to the wise: blend quickly! While I do love the finish this foundation gives, it does settle quickly on the face, so don’t let it sit out too long. I’d avoid dotting it all over the face, as one would do with other foundations, and instead squeeze some product onto the back of your hand then go in with either stippling or kabuki brush to work the product into skin.

2. This Maybelline concealer has been a fan-favorite for years—with good reason! It’s easy to blend out, spreads well across the face, and is a solid option for brightening under eye circles. Simply swipe on a triangular shape under the eyes (ala beauty vlogger) and blend out with a brush or sponge. While I do think it’s a little sheer for spot concealing, it’s definitely not the worst. With its thin consistency, it’s coverage may not be the best option for concealing blemishes, but the product does at least stay smooth under the eyes and lasts well throughout the day.

3. This Ellana powder is one of the office favorites; it’s lightweight, pore-filling, and leaves your skin feeling (and looking!) silky smooth. Take some onto a powder brush and swipe evenly across the whole face to set your foundation and concealer. For those looking to brighten further, you may also press some to your undereye area and leave on for a few minutes before swiping off. While the jar is currently being sold separately from the powder refill packs, I do think it’s a great purchase; it’s swiveling top allows you to filter powder back into the container if you’ve tapped out too much. Yay! No product wasted!

4. As a girl who refused to do her brows until her third year of college out of sheer intimidation, I’m always grateful when brands make dummy-proof brow products. The Detail Makeover Make It Pro Starter Pen is the perfect product for those just beginning their downward spiral into makeup; it’s easy to use, applies smoothly, and has a built-in spoolie to boot. Since this look isn’t necessarily brow-heavy, there’s no need for us to map out #InstaBrowsOnFleek. Simply fill in your brows following its natural shape, but leave the front lighter to achieve a soft gradient. With the triangular tip, swipe up gently in short, hair-like strokes, then use the spoolie to gently blend and groom the brows into place.

5. I adore this palette, simply because it means I get to lug around less makeup. It’s built with 2 contour shades, 1 bronzer, 1 highlight, and 2 blush shades—a godsend for those needing to lighten their makeup stash without losing quality products. For this monochromatic look, we’re taking the bronzer shade all over the edges of the face to add warmth, then sculpting out the cheekbones with a light contour. Issa already has a great nose, so for those of us that need a little more definition, you can take some product evenly down the sides of your nose. I personally prefer using my fingers for nose contour, just so it comes out softer and more natural.

6. Issa naturally has deep, cat-like eyes—even without makeup. For this look, we’re accentuating the gorgeous shape of her eyes by giving her a soft, smoky brown shadow. Use a lighter tan all over your lid, then define the outer corner of the eyes with the darker brown. Pat on a little of the tan shimmer shade to the center for a gentle faux halo, and take the lighter shimmer shade to the inner corners of your eyes. We’ll get back to the inner corners in the next steps, but for now, let’s add even more definition by taking a bit of the black shade and swiping it around the outer rims of the eyes, concentrating closer to both the upper and lower lash lines.

7. And onto the main event! Take the purple highlight (I prefer using my fingers for this) and dab it generously onto the inner corners, extending to around ¼ of the start of the upper and lower lids. Accentuate your inner corners further by taking a tiny bit of the champagne shade just at the inner corner for an even brighter pop.

8. I normally don’t reach for pencil liners (where are my winged liner lovers at?) but since Issa’s look veers away from a polished wing to an edgy, borderline grungey smudge, we’re going out of our comfort zone. Line this soft eyeliner pencil on your upper lash line, then gently smudge upwards. Don’t go too hard though! Our goal is still catty, not raccoon-y! Take a bit onto the outer edge of your lower lash line as well to intensify that deep, almond shape.

9. In this look, Issa’s lashes are long and wispy, accentuating her naturally deep-set eyes and lifting them for a brighter, fresher appearance. Curl your lashes and coat them with the Kiss Me Heroine Make mascara for an intense lengthening effect with long-lasting hold. Fallen lash curls? We don’t know her!

10. I know it hurts, but put those MLBBs down, girl! For this look, Issa’s lips are a tan nude—perfectly fit for Chihuahua’s Matte Lipstick in Cinnamon! Lots of people stray away from light brown nudes, as many have the tendency to have an ashy appearance, especially on Filipina skin. With Cinnamon, however, you’ll find a warmer undertone rather than a gray undertone, making it much easier for a wider range of skin tones to wear. Swipe this teeny bullet across your lips and layer up to get it perfectly opaque.

11. Onto my favorite step! I honestly didn’t expect to be able to set makeup with this mist, but Painted Cosmetics was a pleasant surprise! While meant to nourish and brighten the skin, I find setting makeup, as well as spritzing it in the middle of the day whenever my skin needed refreshing, with this mist gave it a nice glowing sheen. I also noticed an improvement in the adherence of makeup to my skin! Spray this all over to complete this look.

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Julia Benito


Julia is Calyxta’s resident crazy plant lady with an unstoppable caffeine addiction and an ever-increasing love for glitter eye shadow. When she’s not staring out the window mulling over the correctness of her grammar, she can be found drawing on eyeliner, watching anime, reading books, or petting strangers’ dogs.

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