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Gretchen Ho: Sangria Kiss

Look like you just sipped a refreshing glass of sangria punch with this smoky girl boss look as seen on our June 2018 #CalyxtaGirl, Gretchen Ho.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to nab that look!

1. Brows play such a big part in any makeup look. You can easily give off various impressions to people by how your brow is arched. Our cover girl has brows that command respect, so use MAYBELLINE FASHION BROW 3D CREAMY PENCIL WITH BRUSH, P199 to give you strong and clean brows and GLOSSIER BOY BROW, P1,150 to pump up your arches’ volume!

2. Off to the base! Try using RIMMEL LONDON LASTING FINISH PRIMER, P550, it will minimize your pores, giving you an easy-to-work-with canvas!

3. To achieve the same flawlessness as our cover girl, MILANI CONCEAL + PERFECT 2-IN-1 FOUNDATION + CONCEALER, P450, will give you full coverage—making your skin look like it had never seen imperfection.

4. To get those bright under eyes, use one shade lighter (than your own skin tone) of the COLOURPOP NO FILTER CONCEALER, P450!

5. Get a subtle glow by using MAYBELLINE FACE STUDIO V-FACE STROBING STICK, P399 in nude.

6. The look’s finish is not matte nor super dewy, so to achieve this in-between finish, use GLOSSIER WOWDER, P1,650.

7. Gretchen’s cheeks are contoured just enough to add dimension to the face while still looking super natural. PIXI NATURAL CONTOUR POWDER, P995 will give you the same effect!

8. Achieve that soft pink glow by lightly applying PINK SUGAR SWEET CHEEKS HD CHEEK COLOR in the shade Miss Independent, P299.

9. For that bronzy and smokey eye look, play with the MILANI EVERYDAY EYES POWDER EYESHADOW COLLECTION, P600 palette in the shade Bare Necessities. Once done with achieving the eye look, try using MISSHA THE STYLE SHARP EYELINER, P209 to line and define the eyes.

10. To set everything in place and make sure the whole look lasts all day, use L’OREAL PARIS INFALLIBLE PRO-SPRAY AND SET MAKEUP EXTENDER 100ML, P600!

11. Finally, for the star of the show, put on COLOURPOP ULTRA SATIN LIP, P480 in the shade TooLips for that dark satin pout that will piece the entire look together! Now time to get that sangria!

Text by: Anne Navarro

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