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Your Guide to A Healthier and Wholistic Skin Care Approach

The term “holistic skin care” has been circulated around the beauty industry for a while now, and used in various advertising campaigns to plug products that promote such a lifestyle. We may automatically associate it with terms like “organic” or “all natural,” and though these are a major part of the concept, there is much more to it.

The term “holistic” (or sometimes referred to as “wholistic”) employs the concept that the entire body be kept at a level of total wellness. To achieve total wellness, one cannot just focus on individual aspects of the body but must ensure that the entire whole is functioning properly. We might be used to a routine that focuses on the visible parts of our body (skin, hair, nails etc.) but holistic skin care dictates that we also must consider the role our internal organs play in partnership with those visible parts. It’s not just what you put ON your body that matters, but also what you put IN it. In simple terms, holistic skin care is a routine that addresses your skin’s health from both inside and out. Just remember, it’s all about balance.

If you’re interested in upping your skin care game and going beyond the surface, check out these handy suggestions on how to put holistic skin care into practice:

1. Eat well.

And by eating well, I don’t mean a buffet all day—unless said buffet consists of green leafy vegetables, meals rich in essential fatty acids, protein, and all those vitamins and minerals.

2. Speaking of, take your daily dose of vitamins!

In this fast-paced day and age, we tend to subsist on food that is easy to access (i.e. fast food) or simply have no time to cook nutritious meals. Vitamins that supplement our nutritional needs and make sure we’re getting the recommended daily dose of those nutrients.

3. Bring essential oils into your life.

You know how when you enter a spa and you inhale that relaxing scent that automatically makes you feel amazing? Well, essential oils are partly the reason for this ultra stress relieving occurrence. Essential oils are natural oils that enliven the body and the mind. They can be used for a variety of things, such as topically as a moisturizer, or inhaled aromatically for stress relief. They can even be used as a fragrance or room spray.

4. Exfoliate with all-natural products.

Exfoliation is key to revealing new, youthful skin cells beneath and getting rid of the dull and gunk filled surface skin. However, if we use exfoliants that are too harsh, they tend to do more damage than good. Which is why using all natural, gentle products is essential to ensure exfoliation is done properly.

5. Get moving.

By now, we should all know the benefits of exercise by heart, but let me repeat some of them anyway just to remind you of the perks you get out of it: less body fat, a happy endorphin rush, overall strength, a stronger immune system—need I say more?

6. Have more Zzzs.

Our younger selves may have declared, “Sleep is for the weak!” but our smarter selves know that sleep is necessary for better focus, healing, more energy, and just a general refreshed feeling the next day. So do get as much shuteye as you can. Naps work wonders, too.

7. Lessen your alcohol and caffeine intake.

As much as coffee and wine make us happy, too much of something is bad for you. Of course, a coffee in the morning to perk you up or a glass of wine during bonding sessions with your girlfriends can definitely boost your mood. But don’t get to the point where it becomes an addiction more than a source of enjoyment.

8. Meditate.

Beyond nutrition, holistic skin care also covers keeping stress at bay. Meditation clears the mind of stressful thoughts and worries and is like a magic reset button that keeps you calm on a daily basis. Even a quick 10-minute daily meditation schedule does wonders. There are even apps that can help guide you through it, so you can do so anytime, anywhere.

9. Eliminate harsh chemicals and synthetics from your skin care regimen.

Basically, stay away from anything artificial. Make sure your products contain no harsh chemicals and instead, primarily have natural or organic ingredients that are gentle but effective in making your skin glow.

10. Hydrate!!!!!

As you probably know from school, our bodies are made up of 60% water. Water is in all our living cells and is essential for our vital organs to function properly. We lose water daily through sweating or urinating, so we must absolutely keep replenishing it with recommended 8 glasses of H20 daily.

Text by: Yasha Barretto

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